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Canidae or Royal Canin?

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Ok guys, it's time..we're switching Fredo over to a better quality food (our old vet had us on science diet..yuck) and I was just wondering which one you guys thought was better. I have been looking at the food grades and I think my top choices are Canidae, Blue, and Royal Canin. I have a few concerns, 1) Is it ok that Canidae is for all stages and not puppyalso not a large breed formula? 2) Is it important that he be on a boxer specific formula such as Royal Canin? I just want my baby to have the best so I want to make the right decision here. Thanks
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I think the breed specific formulas, such as the Royal Canin are just a sales gimmick. Canidae and Blue are both excellent foods, and no it doesn't matter if they are not large breed or puppy formulas. An All Stages food is just that, for all stages of life, from puppies through seniors. If you have it narrowed down to these 2 brands, I would get sample bags and let your pup decide which one he likes best. Good Luck!
Technically the boxer is a medium sized breed. However we are seeing more and more bigger boxers out there above the standard. Dog food companies consider any dog over 50 pounds to be a large breed, so they formulate their large breed foods for any dog over 50 pounds, which a boxer could fall into that category.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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