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The above link seems to have some good info on which dog foods to consider.  Most boxers are quite finicky, so its usually a trial and error thing on what your dog's digestive system likes best.  I personally tried 5 different dog foods before I found one that my Boxer liked and she didn't have trouble digesting.  I tried Eukanuba, Blue Buffalo, Iams, and Nutro Max.  The last one I tried that finally worked best was Royal Canin for Boxers.

Someone above mentioned that most of the breed specific dog foods are mostly marketing.  I agreed with that sentiment, hence the reason it was the fifth food I tried for my Boxer.  However, I must say that it is a high quality dog food and it worked best for my Boxer.  Maybe it was just luck that my Boxer liked it best, or maybe they actually have something better for Boxers.  Dunno and don't really care 'cause it worked for her.

Hope that helps a little.
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