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cant leave him alone in house

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Sorry for so many questions...Boxers are just unique I guess, I own my home, but am in a park type setting.  All the neighbors have dogs that bark at all hours of the night, but I seem to be the one that the grounds manager loves to focus on  :roll: . I tried to go run an errand, and prepared an entire room for Bubba, complete with blankets, bed, air conditioning, animal planet, bones, toys, etc...yea, that didn't work..the minute I shut my door and started my car, he went to high pitched barking, then howling, then barking, crying, howling, etc. So loud I could hear him all the way around the front entrance by the road. (about 1 large city block). So I turned around, came back home, and sat out front for about 5 minutes to see if he'd quit on his such luck. He has not been crated ever, and as scared as he is I'm kinda afraid he'd destroy the crate or hurt himself trying to. Letting him have full run of the house does not work, either. So I have been taking him everywhere with me, and waiting on hubby to get home to go to a store...I don't want to try the no bark collars, I've heard they are cruel..any ideas??
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Is it a plastic or barred crate?  I think it's really important to keep them crated; as logn as its not used for punishment because then they get really upset.

I've read on average, a dog will probably back/cry for about 15-10 minutes, and then realize its not getting them anywhere and tucker themselves out.  As long as bubba doesn't have a collar on (can cause accidental choking), I think it will be fine, although I can understand your concern regarding the grounds manager; can you possibly talk to hmi about how its a new dog for you and you are working out separation anxiety?  Guess it depends if he's a dog person.

Also, try leaving a radio or TV on, sometimes that can help...
He's like 81 years old, and when he had his poodle it was ok for his guy to keep us up all night long, but 5 minutes of ours barking and he's down here raising cain...totally unfair. Anyway, I havn't tried a crate for only 1 reason (don't laugh), about 6 years ago we went on a trip in a motor home with a friends boxer/bulldog mix. He was about the same size as Bubba, and tore the crap out of the motor home in 30 minutes flat. So we opted to get one of those "large breed" huge steel bar crates. We went for a 30 minute dinner, and I swear he turned into he man because he destroyed both the crate, and then continued eating our couch. This was a petsmart large crate, huge, the kind you slide the metal pins down thru on all 4 sides...I'm afraid to buy one of those again, lol. On the other hand, I dont know if the large plastic ones would be safe, either? Could he chew through it? or was the steel cage folly a fluke thing that most likely wouldn't happen again?  And does crating help with the barking thing??  I'm so confused on this, I really appreciate the help..
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yikes!  Those are some CRAZY dog stories!! Broke through a METAL CRATE?? Crazy!

we have an XL bar crate right now (with a divider because Beckham is only 14 weeks), and I can't see it breaking, but again, if a dog is determined and strong, I guess its possible?

We haven't gotten to the huge stage with Beckham yet.  Can you take him for a long walk and exhaust him BEFORE You leave?
thats a good idea, sometimes the obvious doesn't  hit me.  I'm gonna go buy a crate tonight, for his safety and my sanity, I hope it works..are the metal ones better, or the plastic ones??
I think its just a matter of preference...I guess most people I know who have big dogs have the metal ones because they're more durable.

Good luck!! :) :) Keep us posted!
We have the metal one but have put combination locks at the top front and rear (center) of the crate.  We do not crate our oldest only our youngest (he eats everything!)  I think the older one helped but one day the younger one escaped his crate (that's when he ate a battery from the flashlight :roll: )  

You will need to break him in on the crate thing - starting with the door open with you in the room.  We used treats to entice him into going in.  Up the time slowly and then start trying to close the door, with you still in the room.  Eventually try to leave the room for a few minutes and start working the time up on that too.

We have invested in Kongs and that helps alot!  They are so centered on them that it doesn't matter that we are no longer home.  We stuff it with his dry kibble and peanut butter (then freeze it).

Hope this helps a little!  I'm sure you will get plenty of other responses too.  Everyone has their own way to do things so take the advice you get and do what you feel most comfortable with.  Good luck!
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Rocky ATE a hole in the METAL cage.Also I saw on tv theirs (not sure if your dog has this) medication for pets for separation anxiety.
I just came home with a metal crate, put his blanket in there, bought him a new kong and filling, and "baited" the crate with treats!!! He went in no problem, and its in our living room with me...I wasn't gonna shut the door on it until tomorrow afternoon, once he's used to it...a few min at a time
With summer around the corner Voltaire stays at home a lot more rather than come everywhere with me - the car obviously gets way too hot even if he's only in there for 5 minutes - i just don't do it. At home i can leave him for up to 6 hours and he's an angel. No crate, no destructive behaviour, no barking, no mess. Bedrooms are a no go area for him and i can leave doors open without him crossing the invisible line - he's cool about the whole thing (i'm being a show-off here :wink:) I built it up from 10 to 15 to 20 minutes when he was a pup. Maybe start with 5 minutes of him inside whilst you're out in the garden and he can see you :?: Else good luck with crate training :D !
keep us posted on how he adjust to the kennel-sounds like things are off to a good start though!
I wish Odin liked his crate. He doesn't... at all. At first he cried for up to 35 minutes the first time we put him in there... and yes... you could hear him all the way out side. I've tried so many different things even before just locking him in there so that he'd like it... he still doesn't... but now he only cries for 10 minutes or so... but I have to struggle to put him into the crate. I put him in there yesterday while I cleaned out the ferret cages. I have a wire crate and a couple of fuzzies went through to go say hi and play. I was scared at first but he just licked them like crazy.

ANYWAY... hope you're puppy does well! Keep us posted!
I have to get rid of my fuzzies, in fact this sunday a girl is coming to buy them, because Bubba tries to go thru the cage, he wants a snack... :cry: , but today I'm gonna start to try to leave him in there, 5 min at first, then 10, etc....and see how it goes....I'll let you know..
Crate training works better/is easier if you do it from the start.  Since both me and wife work, Charlie was put into a crate the next morning.  He had a couple accidents the first morning.  I come home each day at lunch, take him out and let him play.  I don't have to yet at him, force him, I just tell him to get in his crate and he goes right in.  Try rewarding your dog with a treat.  I always tell Charlie why I'm putting him in there.  Alot of people think he can't understand but if I tell him Daddy has to go to work two times a day I think he knows.  Also, if you put him in there and he starts whinning, ignore him.  If you come and get him he's training you instead! a bit when he calms down I'm gonna try it, right now he's just discovered after 4 days of being scared that my 5 year old is not an axe murderer like he thought, and he's playing and all wound up, so in a few, I'm gonna try this...
the groundsman is just being unreal...I put him in the crate, went out front with my son, and he barked off and on for about 7 minutes...and I got a royal but chewing. :evil: . I explained I was training him, but that went over like a lead balloon..anyway, I came in and let him out...he was so upset that he went and pooped on my bedroom floor..(wish it was the landlords foot, lol.) when he was in the crate while I was in here, he whined a tiny bit but was quiet otherwise...guess I'll keep trying, or buy a house somewhere else :cry: .
Time and patience!  Lot's of patience!!  He will get it.  I just hope your groundsman can hold out.
should I just get him used to being in there for quiet time while I'm home for the first couple of days, then go out front? He's still pretty upset about the whole thing, he's such a wuss!! Very emotional boxer, I've never seen a dog act like this before, it's cute in a way, but frustrating, too...
I would work with him while you are still in the room.  Some boxers have separation anxiety and it will take time and patience to work through it.  I would work his time up while you are in the room and then leave the room for a few minutes and go back in and tell him he's a good boy if he doesn't bark/whine.  Increase the amount of time slowly until he doesn't cry anymore.  Remember treats make good incentives!
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