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Aww!!!  So cute!!!
aren't they the cutest pair of boxers :D white and fawn !!
I'm so happy we can watch those two eggheads grow up with us! They compliment each other very well. Congrats!!
They are just adorable.  Can't wait to see pictures of the three's homecoming.
They are just so sweet!  I want to pick them up and hold them!!
You took home two!?!?  How did I miss that?  They are both adorable!  I love them!  They're going to have so much fun together......and you're going to have so much fun watching them!  Congrats :D
they are both beautiful, I wanted two when I got my puppy last week.
Ahh- even more puppies!! how adorable!!!!!
Aaahhh, there's those 2 sweethearts...Look how they are growing...Love those little coneheads :) They are just adorable...
OMG too cute!
They are just so precious. If you need someone to watch them while they are away let me know. :D

p.s.  but you wont get them back that is the catch.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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