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Car Sick / Motion Sickness???

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I took Gaby for a ride today, and about 35 minutes into it she vomited the food I fed her shortly before we left all over my back seat...Do dogs get car sick or motion sickness? If so I'm wondering what can be done about this as I intend to take her with me most of the time I leave home.
Anyone else's boxer have issues with this?....Sexy absolutely loved the car so this is new to me, any info would be helpful and appreciated :)
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Dogs and cats both can get car sick they actually have a medication called Cerenia it is made by Pfizer.

It is usually worse in younger animals and here are some tips for it:

Suggestions to curb or prevent motion sickness, when taking your dog for a drive: In the beginning take very short trips, avoid feeding your dog three hours prior to travel (never take your dog on a long trip with full stomach), make sure your dog had drank water before the trip, drive slow around curves, approach stops signs or red lights slowly (avoid sudden or sharp stops), keep at least one window cracked open to get fresh air, try to prevent your pet from looking out the window, provide lots of room to get up and move around, make sure the temperature inside the car is kept not to hot or cold, and stop ever so often or once an hour to let your dog stretch or quick walk and drink water.

It has also been said that giving your dog a small amount of honey about a tablespoon before going for a car ride calms the stomach.  Gaby will probably grow out of it or it was just because she had food in her stomach.
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Thanks Sharon, these are great suggestions, your help is much appreciated :)
sumya gets carsick too. i usually just don't feed her and she s fine. i hope gaby adjusts!
Bo got carsick in the backseat of the car once...we had fed him about an hour before the ride...when we have him in the truck, he's fine...I think it may be a backseat issue with him
Had to laugh when I read this. Years ago we had a collie/shep mix adoptee named Nate. Hubby fed her lunch and took her for a ride. Had to stop for gas and just as the attendant walked up and said "Can I help you?" Nate laid her head in hubby's lap and upchucked a HUGE pile. Hubby said "Nope, I don't think you can, but I'll take $10 in gas!" We still chuckle over the look on the attendants face, and we NEVER feed before rides!
Out of the 4 we have had only Calli got car sick.   We learned not to feed her before trips.  She never out grew it but by not feeding her before going anywhere she didn't get sick unless one of us forgot and fed her  8O .  She hated riding in the car because I think she aways thought she was going to the vet.   We lived 4 hours from home when we got her so she was in the car frequently but she just never got used to it.  The other three love the car and going for rides.

Not sure if others have had boxers like this but when Calli got sick she didn't make a sound and really gave no indication she was going to get sick....just did it.  The others make a gagging sound or something so at least you know they are going to do something?  Anyone else have a boxer like that?
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