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Card exchange~~Im soo sorry

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You guys Im sooo sorry but hubby has informed me that we are a little low on cash! Between buying gifts and bills we have 0 extra cash for cards. Im soooo sorry and if you guys dont want to send us a card thats ok I understand lol Im soo disappointed because I had the picture made up and everything ready for it to go get developed. Again Im sorry and I hope u all understand :(
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We have all been there, so don't worry about.  You will still be getting my card.
THAT'S OKAY with me!

I understand... we're pretty strapped too! I did find cards at Walmart... 32 for $3. Which is the PERFECT NUMBER FOR THE LIST!! LOL But of course the stamps add up too... we still love you!
That's exactly why I wasn't able to do it this year...we have no idea how we are going to buy $300+ worth of gifts by Christmas...I was laid off work for over a week and sucks...not to mention the mortgage
Mastray\";p=\"54212 said:
I did find cards at Walmart... 32 for $3. Which is the PERFECT NUMBER FOR THE LIST!!
That's what I found!  I thought "thank goodness" because all the other cards I was looking at cost $8 for 18 and $3 for 12!  Crazy!  

No worries!  You're still getting a card from us!
no problem! you don't have to send one to get one! mine should be arriving soon! :D
same here..everyones been through it..i am mailing out today jsut finished them all...and yours is right in there:)

happy holidays :D remember its not about hwo much you spend its the thought thats put into it..well to me anyway..
Cindi, I think we all have been there..No worries, we do understand, but mine's already mailed so you will just have to enjoy it  :lol:
Don't worry about it. Life you wil be getting ours soon
Oh jeez thanks guys:) I will post the picture on here so you all can enjoy it:)
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