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Hey all, Just introduced myself in the Intro forum and someone suggested I say a little something about Ceasar.
Last Sunday at 9:24 am we had to send Ceasar off to the bridge to wait for us, he was 13 years 7 months old. He will be forever missed. All week when I got home from work I looked through our full glass storm door waiting to see his loving eyes staring up at me and as my girlfriend puts it his "blinker" wagging, but he wasn't there. when I met my girlfriend she said to me oh don't worry about him, he's just dumb and lovable, I said I can be that! LOL she was hooked and so was I. Anyway here is a few pictures of Ceasar, the lower left on is 30 minutes before the vet came to the house last Sunday.
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Im sorry for your loss. Run free Ceasar!
Great collage of Ceasar...sorry for your free and play with all the other boxers that have crossed that bridge before you...
What a handsome boy, the lower left pic brought tears to my eyes. Run free Ceasar.
Very sorry to hear about your loss....we get so attached to them don't we

R.I.P. Ceasar
wow, you must have been such a good boxer daddy, 13 years!  I'm sure he gave you so much joy and that's so nice that the vet put him to rest in his own home...I can tell you loved your pup and soo sorry for your loss
The "Blinker" that is a great way to describe the wagging of the tail.... I am also sorry for your loss it must be so tough right now for you. We all know that it will happen some day to our 'beloved' but don't like to think about it!

At least Ceasar is young again and has the Boxer high energy doing the BOXER BURN over the bridge!
So sorry for your loss. Ceasar was a handsome boy.

Run free sweet angel.
Can't even begin to say how sorry I am to hear about your baby  :(   RIP Ceasar
Wow. That actually brought tears to my eyes.

I am so sorry to hear about Caesar... Just keep in mind that in human years he was 91 years old. I don't know about you, but I think I'll be ready to be a "pup" again when I turn 91.

Keep your chin up, he's still looking down on you up in pup heaven! :)
Run free sweet boy.
What a handsome boy....Obviously he was very well loved and greatly missed....Run free Ceasar and god bless
Sorry for your loss.  13 years is a long life for a boxer, treasure all the memories!
So sorry for your loss of Ceaser. 13 years is a lot of boxer years. I hope your new pup helps fill the void. It sure helped with me. Also welcome to the forum, there is a lot of knowledge and fun here. Like to see a lot of pictures of your new furbaby.
So sorry for your loss! RIP Ceasar
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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