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Chainlink Fence Height

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I am trying to decide between putting up a 5ft or 6ft chain link fence. I had a 6ft before and it sort of looked like fort knox. Does anyone have a 5ft and wish that they went taller?
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If I could put up a fence, I would definitely go with the 6 footer. I had one at my last house and I just planted things around the fence so it didn't look bad at all.  If you have the choice, go for the 6 ft!  :wink:
Yeah go for the 6ft.  I've heard of boxers jumping over the 5 ft.  You also have to think of other dogs jumping into your yard.  And I don't know what type of chain link fence you have, but they are often easier to climb than other fence types.
We have a 5ft one and I swear if Duke really wanted to he could clear it easily.  He will stand on it sometimes when he see something in the street and he looks as if he could just hop over it.  I wish we had a 6ft fence.
Thanks you guys, I guess you just settled that one for me. Now its about time to get the yard surveyed!
We actually are putting up fences right now and opted for 5 ft..Samson is definitely not a jumper at his age and Angel isn't either...I personally didn't want 6 ft for the same reason you stated, so hoping it works out for us and for you as well
We have a 6ft chain link fence and if Gunnar wanted to, he could clear it easily.  When the squirrels run across the telephone line, he's jumping clear to the top of the fence, chasing the squirrels.  Fortunately, he kinda likes his kingdom and refuses to leave!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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