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Chino may have tapeworms...PLZ HELP!!!

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So, I guess I didn't get Chino outside quick enough and he pooped on my living room floor (thank GOD for hardwoods). At any rate, this may have been a blessing because I was forced to look at his poop. His poop had rice (?!) in it which after further research I have determined to potentially be worms. I called the vet and he wants a sample. Now I am concerned because he has already been on his first visit to the vet and he did not diagnose him with fleas. I've never seen a flea but he has had one butt dragging episode, puked 1 time (undigested food), but outside of that appears to be totally happy and healthy. I am also concerned because I have a 5 year old and 2 year old whom are extremely affectionate with Chino...what to do??? I know I should bathe him in DAWN, but what is an easy way to determine whether or not he has fleas?? PLEASE HELP! Any info is greatly appreciated...
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My greyhound had tapeworms twice.  Both times he didn't have fleas, but was around a dog that did.  Probably ate one flea and that was it.  When I got Cooper, he had tapeworms, too.  But no fleas, no room on his skin for them!  I'm sure he was probably surrounded by them at his old house, though.  One pill typically clears them up.  Cooper actually had 2 pills spaced 2 weeks apart, but the first one actually knocked them out.
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