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Chloe needs help becoming Top Dog

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A local radio station is doing a contest to become top dog and I entered Ms Chloe.  Winner gets free doggy spa treatments and food for a year.  If by luck Chloe wins I plan on donating the food to the local boxer rescue here because the store doesn't carry her brand. So if anyone has any time to kill and don't mind voting for contestant # 11 Me and Chloe would be greatful!!! Top Dog Contest
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Voted.  Chloe picture is the cutest one on there; she should win.
I voted twice..  :D

Will vote more!! LOL
Although there are a few other boxers in this contest, Chloe should win...hands or paws down!! I'll keep voting!

**Still waiting for my verification email though.... :roll:
Were Chloe's pictures done professionally? They're amazing!!!
I voted for Chloe.  To be honest if I hadn't been told to vote for Chloe I would of voted for her or the Yorkie anyways.  They are both the best looking dogs there :)
Yeah... I would have voted for Chloe anyway if I didn't know to! LOVE the pic! I only voted once but I will be sure to vote more!
I think you can only vote once. I'm still waiting for my verification email, but it says the votes are limited to one per household. If they see more than one vote per household, Chloe will be disqualified. Don't want that to happen!  :?
Me too!  Beautiful picture.

Good Luck Ms Chloe.
My vote's in!  Great picture!  Good luck Chloe!!!
my votes in!! as soon as i can get access to a different computer i can vote again. I have 3 different email address i can use but apparently the website recognizes the computer becuase it isnt letting me cast another vote to a different email...i will overcome this though!!
I voted for her cuz she is the best looking one there.  Good luck!
i voted for her :) nice picture of her!
I voted on AOL and IE.. lol I'll vote today two more times at my bf's house!
I voted for Chloe!!!  Great picture.
Wow..I can't thank you all enough! Chloe sends you all tons of slobbery thank you kisses too. At this point I'm just praying a boxer wins :)   Kenya, that pic was done professionally at PetSmart the lady that took them was great even tho I only planned on spending 25 bucks, before I walked out the door they got me for 100 lol
1 - 20 of 23 Posts
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