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Chloe needs some healing vibes

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My little girl needs some healing vibes
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So sorry for litttle Chloe.  I have no idea about the pills or anything about dairy allergies in dogs so can't help you there but prayers for good results for Chloe!
Bummer, well good vibes chloe's way. ,<3<3<3<3
Sorry I can't help out...don't know anything about that stuff.  But poor Chloe...I'll be hoping and praying she gets better soon.
Ohh no, poor Chloe.
As far as trying to get the pills down Chloe's throat, have you tried the Pill Pockets?  They have different sizes, as to accommodate large or small pills and Beckham LOVES them.  He will eat anything if it's wrapped with a pill pocket.  

As far as the sore goes....  Beckham has the same thing going on.  It started out as what looked like a zit on his chest (white head and everything).  Then it got bigger and more gross looking.  We thought his harness was rubbing and making it worse, so tried a different harness.  But the sore was still there.  
I asked my puppy class teacher, who is also a vet.  She said it was most likely a benign cyst that are very common to boxers.  They start out looking like zits and then get progressively worse and can get to the size of a dime.  She said they will run their course and in a month or so will scab up and go away.  
Beckham's is at that point now and it doesn't look pretty.  She said if Beckham was getting neutered soon, we could have it cut off or biopsied.  But just to keep an eye on it and if it doesn't get larger than a dime or look like it's filled with pus, it should just go away on it's own.
I'll try to get a picture of B's sore and post it.

Sorry for the novel response...  Hope this helps a bit.
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*sends good vibes*

and yeah, what Morgan said.  Beckham's is starting to scab up and heal now.
Good vibes and prayers coming Chloe's way.
Here is a link to dogzymes.
It does have Dried denatured hypoallergenic whole egg in it, but it says it is hypoallergenic so I would assume it would be okay for Chloe. It lists the ingredients if you want to check with your vet. I would probably use it for two weeks after giving the antibiotics to put the probiotics back in her system.  Sending tons of {{{{healing and get better soon vibes}}}} to Chloe. Hopefully it is just a zit that is very persistant and will go away on it's own.  :wink:

Im very sorry for chloe!!!!!!!! I hope you guys find an answer! Hugs to all of you
Aaahhh, poor Chloe, things just are tough on you , huh? I hope this new round of antibiotics helps her..Give that girl a big hug gor me...
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