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Just like any normal night, I fed Chloe her dinner and hubby was watching TV and I was putting clothes away in the bedroom. All of a sudden I heard Chloe making yelping/ gagging noises. Me and hubby both flew into the kitchen and we see her running all over the kitchen with her head straight up in the air trying to breathe.  Hubby immediately starts working on getting the food dislodged out of her throat, saying BREATHE CHLOE BREATHE! Then I got scared and started bawling.  Thank God within a few seconds he got her to throw up a big glob of dog food that wasn't even chewed but I think that took years off my life!!  She has always been a fast eater and after the cookie sheet trick not working, I resorted to using a huge coffee cup  turned upside down in her bowl and that worked up until now. Guess it's time to hand feed ! cause I'm not about to go thru that again.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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