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Chocolate Lab has got to lose weight???

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Our Chocolate Lab has really got to lose weight, vet warned us last time and we tried some diet dog food but he hated it and wouldn't eat it.  With his bum leg he really hasn't gotten that much exersize this winter, he's turned into a big couch potato!  With Spring almost here and his leg is a little better I am going to start his walks again but didn't know if anyone had any good idea's to help him lose weight, he's got to lose at least 10-15 lbs.
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samson07\";p=\"81280 said:
we tried some diet dog food but he hated it and wouldn't eat it.  
Sounds like an effective diet dog food to me... :p
Not sure if you live by the water... or a pool... but I've heard swimming is a great exercise for dogs  :D
Ditto what Beka said, swimming would also be good to help rehabilitate that bum leg!.....but I guess swimming season is still a ways away, unless you have an indoor pool :lol:
Oh yea, swimming is the best exercise and if he is having probable with his joints, that is also excellent therapy....As far as feeding, start by cutting his food back by a 1/2 at each feeding maybe more...No treats!!! None....It's slow, but if you combine it with some exercise the weight will come off...Samson has lost about 5 lbs and I was actually surprised when I took him to the vet, I thought he weighed a lot more than he did, 66 lbs...He just looks big  :)
I know most people hate purina but I use purina indoor complete for Tabs (our lab mix) and she does great on it.....She also gains weight easy and isn't very active.  I haven't noticed a difference in her hair still as shiny as can be.  And she loves it.
No treats, no free feeding!  On a dog that size that is not very active you could go to once a day feeding amounts and feed once a day or break it into two feedings....When my lab was overweight I used Purina OM (overweight management) and she went from 80 back to 67 (which was her target weight :) )....She liked it okay!
we have a beagle/italian greyhound mike Buster who was 34 lbs and ideal weight was 20 lbs.  We have him on diamond naturals chicken and rice and prior to that premium edge weight control.  we cut him to 1 cup a day( prior to that he was free fed with our other dog) It's been a year or so on his diet and he is now down to 24  lbs.  10 lbs lost! he is doing really well...9 years good heart lungs, joints, etc.  I would just cut his food and cut the treats and see how that works.
Well, geez... he IS a CHOCOLATE lab, right?LOL! Ok, ok...don't shoot me, it was a lame joke!LOL! ;)  Ha, know, CHOCOLATE...WEIGHT GAIN...anybody? ;) :lol:
Lol Jeanene, too funny :lol:
Thanks for all the great idea's!
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