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We use a gentle leader - our "puppy class" trainer told us that it wouldn't work with her because of the short snout, but it does.  

At 12 weeks though - I would just deal with it.  When Chloe was about 20 weeks, we got a modified choke collar (nylon) and that kept her from yanking too hard on the collar.  We switched to a prong or pinch collar at about 8 months and switched to the gentle leader about 6 weeks ago.

By far the gentle leader has worked the best for me.  We had it fitted by a trainer - and she just finished an intermediate obedience class.  It was WAY better - it puts pressure on the top of the nose if they pull, making them put their head down, so they can't really get the leverage to pull on it.  

I would stay away from harnesses that attach to the leash on the back because it will just give them more power to pull you with - there are harnesses that the leash attaches in the front that actually pressures the legs if they start pulling.  That might be the best option at that age.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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