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christmas pictures

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Does anyone know how I can get  funny pictures made using my dogs faces for christmas cards. I saw a cute one of two boxer faces inside a gift box and the saying was Merry Christmas from a couple of mutts. I am all out of ideas for my cards this year, I send out pictures of Ekim every christmas and this year with Delila I would like something different. Do any of you have any ideas how I can pose the two dogs, last year I took the head off my 6 foot Santa, I put a Santa hat on Ekim and had him stand on my couch with the headless Santa in front of him. Ekim rested his head on the santa neck. It looked like Ekim was the 6 foot Santa. Another year I posed him with a live reindeer at the tree farm. See I need some new ideas.
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Hmmm, thats a good question. I often find myself looking for ways to get really good pictures of Summer but usually when she does something cute my camera is nowhere to be found.  Just my luck I suppose. I am positive you will figure out something great since your previous ideas were genius lol.
Hello, someone out there must have some good ideas.
jeez tough to beat what youve already done haha those are great ideas !

dress them as santa and mrs claus? and you can be an elf? i dont know haha b/c mine wouldnt sit still for anyting like that hahahaha

you could paint shop pro something in a pic?
i was going to suggest making delilah an elf and ekim santa clause because she's so little.
oo thats a better idea !! really cute do that do that hahaha that would be great !!!

whoo hoo Donya always has thew good idea :D
make delilah rudolph and ekim one of the big reindeer...or delilah an elf and ekim santa...fits their sizes!
Good ideas see I knew you had them lol
How do you work paint shop?
I'll give you my idea of what I wanted to do with Maddie.  :roll:  I wanted to put a wreath around her neck so that I could get a picture of her sticking her head out of a decorated wreath. Well, that didn't work with Maddie as people who are on the Xmas card exchange will see! I had a terrible time trying to get a picture. She hasn't been too happy about pictures since the halloween dress up contest! :bigrazz: Oh well, there is always next year I suppose. Good luck getting that special picture you want!
I like the idea of Ekim being Santa & Delila being an elf, that would look cute
I was really looking for something a little different than just dressing them up, I really loved the photo that just showed a head shot in a gift box with the lid in mid air, but I have no idea how to make a photo like that. I have one idea in my head, but I know you great thinkers can come up with a better one. Come on guys think for me.LOL
seems like the elf/santa thing would be a good idea, i could not have been more uncreative with my picture if had tried! :oops:  i think all your ideas, past and present sound great!
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