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Christmas Tree Pics

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Here are my pups in front of the tree

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They are absolutely adorable and my goodness jetta is getting so big!!!!
They are so cute, looks like they want to open presents :lol:  Jetta is getting big, they grow so fast.
Jetta really is getting big, but soo cute..Bo looks like a very handsome young man.. :)
Wonderful pictures and I can't believe how big Jettta has gotten.  They both look great and so anxious to open their presents.
Both of your dogs are beautiful, but jetta is a doll. I just love her face.
Nice pics, looks like Bo's cheesin in that last pic.
Lovely pics! They both seem great at posing for the camera!

Thanks guys...
Jetta is *pretty* good at posing for me...Bo is much more difficult.  In those pictures my husband practiced the sit/stay commands that he's been working on
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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