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Clicker Training. What' that?

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I'm new in this forum :) My name is Magda and i have four months old boy Oscar. He is a very good boy and he learns fast.Definitely number one person for Oscar is my husband Maciek thanks to him he learn '' sit, give me five, have five, lay down, stay''.Funny thing is that  when he wants to drink he is siting in the kitchen next to my sink and barking. :) I was so scared on the beginning because that's the first time  we have a dog around the kids so i bought two different books about boxers to learn how to take care of him, but i think now that i was a little exaggerating because our Oscarito ( my twins call him that) is very smart guy. My question is about Clicker Training i never heard about this, can somebody explain to me whats that?
PS. I'm sorry for grammar and spelling I'm still learning Eng.
 Thank You All for any respond.
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Clicker training is when you use a small hand held "clicker"  This has a small piece of metal that you push with your thumb and it makes a click type of sound.  When you are training you click at the moment the dog does what you asked and then you reward.  This type of training is based on the pavlov's dog principle.  The dog associates the command with the click sound and the treat or reward.

I have been clicker training with both my dogs and swear by it when you are trying to teach something new.  Its esp. helpful in my agility class.    The other end of the spectrum is "good boy/girl" praise, but its proven that the clicker is much more effective.   Dogs understand that the "click" means they are doing good, and hence will ocntinue the behavior after a period of time.

However the clicker is a pain in the ass if you ask me, but I see a huge difference in how quickly my dogs pick up on learning a new behavior or command by using it.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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