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Here is my opinion.....

How do you want your dog to walk???  For me, I want to be able to walk my dog on a flat bucket collar and a lead.  I want them to not pull, and to have a nice walk in heel position.

Sounds easy right - however its ALOT of work!!!

With Hanna we noticed her pulling.   We took her to training class and she still would pull.   We got a harness (easy walker) and she stopped pulling.  However, anytime we walked her we had this erector set of a harness on her with a collar.   So it defeats my original way of how I want them to walk.   So now we are ditching the harness, (even thought it worked) and are putting more time and effort into her walking on a leash with a flat buckle.   We use a collar that has part chain, and we are the only ones allowed to use and train her with it.   Then once she understands what we want, she will go back to regular flat buckle.   She needs to learn how to walk.   We took the easy way out and used equiptment to teach her how to walk rather than getting off our butts and putting the time and effort into training her how we want her to walk.

So now with Kash, we will not be using any harness, but he will be trained how to walk on flat collar and lead.    More effort and time will go into this, but we cannot "blame" them for pulling.   Its our fault.

"Train, not blame"  

That's our philosophy on the harness thing.   It worked great, and recommend, but for what we want our of our dogs, it did not provide the purpose.

Good Luck!!!
1 - 4 of 32 Posts
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