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Concerned about Pua, (Sharon?)

1772 Views 12 Replies 9 Participants Last post by  Alicia, Pua had surgery on Wednesday...this is Sunday and Pua seems to have a swollen that normal? Not bruised or anything...and her stitches are a little pink, but nothing that makes me think she is infected...there is just this little knot of swelling around and to the side of her stitches...I'll try to take a pic...I'm just a little concerned...whadda ya think?

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was it swollen after the surgery or is this the first time it has swelled up? i was just wondering because the same thing happened to sumya and i put her on "bed rest" for a day and it was pretty much back to normal, but i don't know the severity of puas swelling.
Was the surgery a spay?  If so you probably let her do too much activity since it was done.  That causes the swelling.  The pink around the stitches sounds like normal healing.  Don't let her lick it very much.    It is best to keep them still as you can for 2 weeks and on a 6 foot leash during that time.

Is she licking it at all?  It looks a little irritated but I wouldn't say infected unless it were pussing.  My cat was spayed and had an umbilical hernia fixed.  She had the same "knot" feeling underneath and I thought she popped the hernia open it was so prominent.  It was fine.  I don't remember if the vet told me this but I heard that sometimes they have a little reaction to the disolvable stitches and that causes the knot.  The problem I had with my cats was my younger kitten tried to nurse on her and kept sucking on the stitches.  I was putting some neosporin on the site as well as a little bitter apple around it to discourage licking.
When Lucy was spayed, the area where her sutures were was very protruded and I was concerned. The vet said she might have had a reaction to the suture material and not to worry. She is fine now and you can barely tell where the scar is.
Hope it's doing better.  You can put a hot compress on it several times a day.  That will help and will draw out any drainage.

I remember when Duke was fixed his was a little red and there was a knot on his too.  I was so worried it was infected too so I call my aunt (she owns a feed yard and deals alot with animals) and she said that a little redness was normal and so was the knot.  The redness went away after a week I think and he didn't have any problems (except for him pulling and licking his stitches).  I hope she gets better soon.  Poor girl.
Sounds like a suture reaction and it will be better in a few days or should be.  If it continues to swell call your vet and asked if you can bring her in for a little PEN/DEX shot....(which should be free of charge if its a reaction :) )
[quote="sharonL\";p=\"81924":2j3qcy0h]Sounds like a suture reaction and it will be better in a few days or should be.
I forgot to say to watch for those little red marks along the stitch line to have small puss pockets.  If that happens then you may have to have her rechecked.....If she is still on her antibiotics from surgery, then things should be okay....Keep her calm as possible :)
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