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Constant testing/Aggression

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Noah (8months) can be a complete sweetheart and then in an instant he can decide to be a real pain.  He will turn a petting into play nipping at your hands and then jumping up.  If you correct him with "Off" and push him down on the floor he just gets more intense.  I then stand up with my hands on my hips and look at him and he starts pacing around the room barking and bowing.  For a while I was trying to hold him on his side until he settled down.  Even when he is on his side, he always has a paw on top of my hand, no matter how many times I correct this.  Lately, he has been trying to hump my wife.  He hasn't done this to me yet.  Today, he got out the front door and after I finally caught him he nipped at me repeatedly.  I had to hold him down to get him to stop.  He didn't bite quite hard enough to draw blood, but more to try to get me to back off.  After he got up and we started walking back, he then stopped walking, rolled over on his back so I would have to drag him.  Then he continued to try to bite me again.  I held him down again until he calmed down.  He was showing teeth and growling while biting at me.  Obviously he believes that he is the Alpha dog.  What can I do to remedy this situation?
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I was in the same situation as you, but then I decided to find a dog trainer and start obedience classes.  Attila was just like Noah.  We are now on our 5th week of classes come next tuesday.  Are dog trainer has given us tons of papers stating about how to regain the alpha role, learning basic commands, and things not to do.  One thing I can tell you right a way is when you tell him off and then you push him down just shows and tells him that you are playing.  You can tell him "off" and then turn your body which will basically role him off of you, then dont give eye contact untill he stops.  This will take a while to learn but they will get it, once you arent playing with him like that anymore.

Our dog training is called positive reinforcement dog training and it works so far with my male that is in the class (Attila).  And works will my female (Daphne) who is not in the class but we train her on our own following what we learned in class.
I will scan them all right now for you and hopefully you can all read them once I combine them all into one word document.  I will post a word document in the next 1/2 hours wants I am done scanning all pages.
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Good article on "who's in charge here anyways".....

Also recommend obidence classes, its not only good for the dog, but good for you too!!!  There is a book called "the other end of the leash"  help explain dog's behaviors - its a good read for anyone !!!

Welcome to the forum, and hope you can get little Noah to be the pup you want:)
Ditto what was already said and you may also want to try some "time outs", not in a crate, but put his leash on and tether him to a door, I used that with Angel and it worked quite well...Keep him on it til he calms, then release him...But definitely training classes would be a huge help
Good info Heather  :lol: We've been slacking lately on who goes out the door 1st, will have to fix that. Around here we curbed the nipping by letting out a YELP and then immediately stopping/ignoring. We do it EVERY time teeth touch us, even if it's accidently it's NOT allowed and the activity stops until they're calmed down. Noah sounds like he's going through the terrible teens, be firm and consistent and he'll get it.
Sorry it took so long.  Below is a .rar file that has 22 dog training pages.  This is week 1-4 from Attila's dog training.  You can download the file through this link and then just open file with WinRAR or other compression tools, and whala you have 22 pages that you can open and read or print out.

Dog_Training Week 1-4
The timeouts have worked well with Kiah, along with our classes (settle command).
Thank you for all your input on dealing with this issue.  We also just got another boy that is only 10 weeks, so Noah is having a little bit of a rough time.  I am allowing him to do his dominance thing with the little guy and they seem to be enjoying eachother's company with lots of tug of war.  Noah almost always wins, but the little guy keeps coming back for more.  On occasion he actually gets the plush toy and then runs off with it and guards it in his crate.  They are a handfull but so worth it!
Time outs and stop the rough handling.  It has become a game with him.  IMO you can throw the "Ceasar Milan" routine out for this dog and any other dog out their. The time out will let him think about the consequence of being a pill.  Also you can let him drag a leash around so you can quickly grab him up without saying a word and "kennel him up" and just ignore him while he's in a hour long time out.  Also obedience classes and get a trainer you can work with.  You are also in charge of how he plays with the new addition.  He is not to practice his dominance on him and expecting them to work it out.  He is practicing bad behavior and you have to be the "pack leader" .  Always try to encourage good behavior that you would like to have happen and put a stop to the bad by removing toy or what ever and telling him to "mellow out" with the new guy.

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