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Cooper update

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AKA Buster.  The name change has gone extremely well.  Figured it'd be a fresh start for him to have a new name in his new home.  He actually seems to respond to Cooper better anyway.

Coop's skin has been clearing up very well with his demodex treatment.  Dead skin is flaking off, and he's no longer bleeding.  He has been on a broad spectrum antibiotic and ivermectin.  Just got of the phone with the vet and the labs are in on his skin infection.  Turns out he has 3 different nasties.  The antibiotic took care of the staph, but there are still 2 more he needs to get rid of so I'm picking up another more specific antibiotic on the way home.  Also, got rid of the tapeworms he had when he first showed up.

One thing for certain is this little guy is trouble with a capital T.  Anything that fits in his mouth automatically becomes his toy.  He actually stole a sippy cup from my son when he went to go brush his teeth last night.  Going to be fun teaching him the difference in what is a toy, what isn't a toy, and what is HIS toy.

His appetite has been picking up nicely.  Need to put some weight on him.  7mths old and just 37lbs.
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that's not that bad at 7 our 9 month old is only 46.4...
Happy to hear Cooper's skin issues are doing better.  :D  Sounds like he will be good as new in a little while. Also happy to hear he is behaving like a typical boxer pup! My girl is going to be 3 in March, and she still doesn't know what toys are hers and which are the kids.  :?  Gotta love 'em!!! :D
Looking good for Cooper on his way to recovery!!!
Good news, that is great..Lol, yup sounds like Cooper is getting himself adjusted quite nicely..Whatever a boxer sees is automatically his after that, no question :lol:
Glad he's on Cooper is on his way to recovering fully. Good luck with the training.  :)
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