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From the mouth of a Professional Trainer:

If he has too much room in the crate he will use it as a latrine.  Also he may have seperation anxiety and is doing it out of stress.  He may also being doing it because you are crating him too long.  Also, if he isnt getting enough mental stimulation or exercise he may resort to this behavior just to have something to do.  He may also be doing it to get nutrients that he isn't getting in his feed as well as get fluids if he isn't getting enough to drink during the day.  Give us some more info so we can help you more.  Such as...

How long is he in the crate during the day?  At night?  Total time in crate for an average 24 hour period?

How often does he go outside?  Are you scolding him after the fact or are you catching it promptly (in the act) and letting him outside so that he may do his business?  How often is he allowed out of the crate just to interact with his family and to play/burn off his energy?  etc...etc...etc...

Liz and Lilly
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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