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Crate Problems

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We adopted an 8-month-old male boxer 3 weeks ago and he was doing wonderfully in his crate - no whining, etc. We got a larger crate because he was growing FAST and moved it into another room. He was fine for about a week. Yesterday, when we go home, it looked like someone had broken into our house. Stuff was EVERYWHERE! Last night, he chewed part of the wires off his crate. We both work and are gone for 8-9 hours a day. He had been doing great when we first got him. HELP! Any suggestions? Would a plastic crate (more like the traveling crates) be better? I give him peanut butter in a kong plus a couple of toys to keep him occupied.
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i am no expert but it sounds like a separation issue. maybe try putting something with your scent in the crate with him while you are gone. That is something we had to do with one of our dogs before. Might be worth a try
Here is an excellent link to crate training tips.

It sounds to me like your boy might have a bit of seperation anxiety. My last male had that also,and I could never keep him confined in a crate. Probably not what you wanted to hear, but he broke out of his metal crate and chewed through a plastic one.
8-9 hours is a really long time without getting a potty or excercise break. Is there anyone that could go and let him out to potty and play within about 4 hours of being in the crate? He is probably getting very bored and stressed in there.  Here is an article on separation anxiety also. Hope this helps some. ... cleid=2266
The plastic crates are definitely stronger, that's what I use as Samson also broke out of the wire crate 8O ...Definitely dealing with separation anxiety...What you might also try is leaving a radio on for him as well while you are gone, something kinda soothing, or if your TV is close to his crate, leave that on, Buck & Tia enjoyed Aniaml Planet  :lol:
I never thought he could be going through separation anxiety so quickly. There really isn't anyone who could let him out during the day. I'm afraid he's a little too rambunctious for my 80-year-old Dad. Once we get home, he's out the rest of the evening and in the morning, he isn't put into the crate until right before we walk out the door. I'll try putting something of mine in with him.
Abby chewed on the wall through her crate on day when we had only had her for a few days! She had some separation issues too...but it was quickly resolved. The kongs were a BIG help..trying freezing it? Makes it last a LOT longer and keeps them busy. THey ONLY get it when they go in their crates when we leave for work and when the dog walker puts them back in their crates so they associate it with something positive. They also have ones that automatically dispense the kongs at various intervals. It think that is SUCH a cool idea!  possibly put 2 frozen ones in there before you leave...maybe sort of hide the 2nd one under a blanket to make it a little more fun.
Music and a tee shirt you wore overnight is good, as noted. I also give them a new rawhide sometimes as they get so excited for new rawhides..(a BIG one that though so there is no choking hazard)...that gets them very excited and I hope it keeps them occupied while I am gone.

I also spent a few nights sitting in her crate with her in the evening while she napped....I put my legs in, put her on my lap between my legs so she was in the crate and read while she dozed for an hour or so. It made her MUCH more comfortable benig in the crate, I think she saw the crate differently with that.  It was really the combination of this and the kongs which completely resolved the problem. After that, she started going on in her own to play even while we were home.
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is there any way you or your spouse could stop by during lunch possibly? i agree that it is a long time to leave him in the crate. or what about blocking off the kitchen to give more room for playing. possibly baby gating the entrance or something?
i wish you luck....they are just like children...they miss us when we arent around too. Just make sure when you do come home that you spend lots of quality time with him as well. It will reassure him that you love him very much!!
I actually do leave the TV on for him during the day. He doesn't seem to care that much for the Kong with the peanut butter - it's kinda hard for him to get out with his big tongue. My BF and I work too far away to come home at lunchtime unfortunately. I just got back from the pet supply store and picked up a flavored "bone" that will hopefully keep him occupied - we'll try it tonight. The manager at the pet supply store said that Boxers are prone to separation anxiety and she suggested the flavored "bone". She also suggested a "compressed" rawhide (it lasts longer). They didn't have any large ones in stock, so I'll get that when they come in. Hopefully, it gets better!
I personally don't like the compressed rawhide, too easy for them to choke on the pieces....Nylabone makes this line of healthy edible bones in flavors, my 2 love em. Just ordered a ton of them online....Bacon, cheese, carrot,beef, pork, take your pick!  :)
I'll look into that Nylabone.

We bought the compressed rawhide because Odin was choking on the regular ones... haven't had an incident yet with the compressed ones. Though when it gets to the end we take it and let Nikki pick at it before throwing it away.
I've tried the nylabone and he's not that interested.  :( I might try the same thing with the compressed - just take it away before it gets too small. We'll see how the other items I got work. We might try letting him sleep beside the bed tonite (with the door shut!).
Samsons Mom:  Where did you order the Nylabone's from? In looking at the one I bought, I don't think the one I got is flavored.
I use Booda Bones for Fiona, I order them from Foster and Smith, where I get tons of stuff for her.  They also come in many flavors.

Here is the link for them. ... 62743+2035
Thanks SharonL! I'll check it out!
Oh - what size do you get?
We use real bones....and also the hoof bones.  i believe the hoof bones are real pigs feet.  pretty darn smelly and yucky, but both dogs LOVE them!  I just keep hearing things about splinters and certain bones.  Also, both of my dogs LOVE this nylabone that is blue with tons of bumps.....its great for their teeth and gums.  Both dogs have loved chewing on it, especially during teething time!
Good luck with the crating situation!  When I leave, I put both dogs in one crate.  If I didn't my male would go bonkers!  He howls like no tomorrow as is.
sbudd\";p=\"20894 said:
Oh - what size do you get?
I get the large for Fiona right now. I think it is about 4 to 4 1/2 inches long.  She is 5 months and 30 lbs.  I am sure as she grows I will go to the xt large.  It is not like she just finishes them off in a day, she is chewing on the same one for about 6 or 7 days now.
Merlin is 8 months old and 68 lbs.
Well, we left Merlin out of the crate last night and let him sleep next to us on a nice cushy bed I fixed for him. He did great! Of course, this morning when I put him in the crate to leave for work he started whining. I even included a t-shirt with my scent on it and a hambone from the pet store. Now, I'll probably worry all day about him getting out!
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