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Crate question

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Ruby only goes in her crate if we leave the house, so she doesn't really spend alot of time in it.  We have been leaving treats and toys in it, so that she will associate it with good things and it's where she can go in and out as she pleases throughout the day.  She really hates when I tell her it's "kennel time"...she'll run the other way and try to pull away from me.  I get her up to the door, remove her collar, say "kennel time" and she'll go in reluctantly.  She immediately starts barking and whining and scratching, but quits before I can pull out of the driveway.  We are never gone long, but when we return home, her cage door is covered in drool and this frothy, foamy stuff.  Her face is always wet and slobbery and so are her legs.  I thought maybe she was hot, so I run the ceiling fan and a floor fan on low, but it doesn't help.  I would think by now, that she knows we WILL come back and let her out, but she's still having a hard time with this.  I feel bad because she seems so upset and works herself up so badly.  What else can I try?  Will she eventually get over this anxiety?

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Some just do better with crating than others. I remember when I was crating Samson, regardless of the time of year, when I went to let him out, he'd be panting like he had run a race!!! He still does that actually and he isn't crated now. You can buy these water bottles that attach to the crate, I used them when Buck & Tia had to fly, you may try that, altho I doubt if she is actually thirsty...You could try leaving a radio on low for her, something soothing, I used to do that for mine. A lot of it is just the anxiety that you are leaving, Samson was awful, he truly didn't think I was coming back....One other thing, don't make a production out of leaving or coming back, keep it calm, and that could also rub off on her as well.... :)
Manny also stays in his crate while we are at work. He did cry when we first started crating him but that only lasted about a week. When we were trying to crate train him, we would put  him inside his crate at times while we were at home just so he would get used to being in his "room." I would also give him his Kong inside and outside of his crate so he associated it with a "good thing." Now he goes in there sometimes (even if we are home) to take a nap! Ruby will eventually get used to it. You just have to stick with it! Good Luck!
Exactly what Willow said about making a production out of leavin or coming back is what ruined Chloe with her ever using the crate again. Me and hubby used to carry on like a bunch of babblin lunatics when we left or came back.  I honestly never realized that would of caused such a negative reaction with her using the crate but boy did it. Good luck with Ruby BTW she is a cutie!!
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