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Crate Question....

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Ok we have two dogs and our getting another boxer puppy in about 15 days :).  Duke is a 1 year old boxer and we have our 3 year old lab mix.  She doesn't need to be crated but we have crated her because we didn't want Duke to get lonely (they are crated separtely but are right next to each other) since we are getting this new puppy I wanted to buy a new crate with my income tax money.  Until then I figured it would be no big deal to leave Tabs (our lab mix) out and crate the puppy in her crate.  I honestly don't see the reason to keep crating her if we have another puppy to keep Duke company during the day (Duke has to be crated).  All Tabs does is sleep, she's not distructive at all.  Do you think this will cause problems with Duke?  Adam is worried that they will hurt themselves trying to get out of their crates to be with Tabs.  We can shut the door to where their crates are if nessasary I just don't think it will be a problem and would like to know what you guys think.  I am pretty sure I remember some people saying they crate one but not the other.
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Well, I only have the one pup.  I don't know why it would be a problem.  Some of the others have more experience in this area.
we got onyx first and Isis a month later...crate Isis not Onyx..and they are best buddies...always ontop of doesnt seem to phase either one..Isis tends to go up on our bed and its a king size water bed..when we arent here she claws and digs to make it comfy 8O ...

we havent had an issue at all with crating one and not the other..i think itll be just fine  :D
You can crate one without the other.  Do as you plan and it will be fine.  I tend to put my crate in the area where the loose dog spends the most time when I am gone so they can still see each other.  That is a huge help towards helping them relax and keep quiet as they see the other dog settling in and laying down when you are gone.  Now that mine are all house broke I use an ex-pen and I can put them both in there together to have a little more room without destroying things while I'm gone.

We have two pups Donner and Blitzen. We crate Blitzy cuz she cant be trusted yet. I would suggest putting the crate were she or he can see the other dogs.  :D
I crate Brodi and not Chloe and so far no problems besides Brodi flipping out a bit. I moved his crate in the living room where Chloe always is and each day Brodi seems to be making a tiny bit of progress.
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