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DieselsMom\";p=\"9701 said:
how long is she in her crate before she'll have an accident? Puppies can only hold it for so long. Make sure she goes potty before she goes in, then a bathroom break every 3-4 hours.

Also her crate may be too big. It should only be big enough for her to stand up, and turn around in. Otherwise she'll use half for resting, and half for potty. Try to block off an unused portion of the crate, so it will fit her better.

Dogs by nature do not want to use their 'den' as a bathroom, so if it's the right size she will try as hard as she can to avoid potting in it.

your right there my 10 month oldrottie  puppy for the first whiley used to pee all the time but it was like she was  parking her fluff at the edge of the crate so the pee would be outside the crate and not inside. :lol:
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