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Crate Training

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Ok, first, sorry if this has been asked, I searched but didn't find exactly what I was looking for.

I just got Sadie 3 days ago, she is house trained, knows sit, stay, shake, lay down, and a few other commands. She is also crate trained.... kind of. She is really good once I can convince her to go in the crate, but she doesn't like the idea of getting in there on her own. She's a year or so, is there any way to convince her that her crate is her 'den'? A lot of people say their dogs LIKE going in the crate. I figure Sadie's probably had a bad experience with it, I just want to know if it's hopeless.
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Odin's not had a bad experience and yet I have to walk him in it by his collar. Once in he's fine. He'll be a year next month. It took FOREVER but if the crate is open he'll sleep in it (if you're in the bedroom with him and only because I stopped letting him sleep on the bed). Hopefully some one else will be of help. I personally did try everything I could find on the subject and that is still how he is. My other dog Kyrie... you'd tell her go to bed and OFF SHE WENT into the crate... no problem.

Good luck and welcome to the forum!
Have you tried giving her a Peanut butter filled kong?  It works wonders...especially if you make it something she ONLY gets IN her crate!
Mastray\";p=\"72097 said:
O My other dog Kyrie... you'd tell her go to bed and OFF SHE WENT into the crate... no problem.

Good luck and welcome to the forum!
I always liked how Kyrie looked, is she not with you anymore?
I think you need to make the crate part of the daily routine, then they get more used to it.  Obviously praise and treats should help reinforce that the dog is doing something good by going in there.  But like Mastray said, sometimes you do everything right and the dog still isn't excited about going into the crate.  Sometimes Lola will go in there on her own and lay down, then sometimes (mostly in the morning when she doesn't want to get off the couch or bed) she'll look at us like we're crazy when we ask her to get moving.
Samson was a booger but about the crate, no matter what I tried...So I would bait him with treats, so he would stick part of his body in and then I would have to nudge the rest of him in...Yea, I know not the best solution, but it worked.... :) Angel on the other hand I just open the crate door and she runs in  :)
I think it islike the phrase "Want a treat..?" The dog goes nuts..(mine do) i started putting things in the crate so the dogs were intersted in going in there. I use a simple command ."their name folowed by crate...(Peggy Crate) she walks over and in ...she is almost 6 months took about a month to get her to obey.
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