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Has anyone's boxer been diagnosed with cryptosporidium?

Nash tested positive in October, along with clostridia. A round of Tylosin took care of the clostridia, but the vet said once a pet tests positive to crypto they will always be positive for it even if/when the symptoms (diahhrea particularly) resolve. She said in a normal, healthy pet one may not even KNOW that their pet has been infected with Crypto other than some temporary diahhrea.

She said that Cryptosporidium can be a concern for younger puppies, but also for small children or those who are immuno compromised, specifically on chemo. I know that means DIRECT contact with the feces...but here is my question...

I read one article on Crypto where it was recommended to spray down the areas where the dog has a BM with a diluted water/bleach solution. I actually did that on my lawn as we tried to keep things clean. He would only go in one particular strip of our back lawn so it kept fairly limited. We would also try to dig up some of the lawn realizing that we are going to have to do some patching in the summer once the snow and ice is gone.

My question much precaution does one take? I'm an extremist and take things at a heightened level so I may be over stressing it.
My thing is that we are going to be listing our house for sale in the next couple of months and we are just wondering if we wait until spring and can fix those areas ourselves, or do we have to disclose all we know about crypto and let the new potential buyers that those areas will need to be lightly disinfected, watered down and repatched.

A number of vets have assured me that Crypto is not something we as owners cause. It is in the environment and no one can be sure where it is. This is the case with Nash...we have NO idea how he could have contracted the bacteria.

Just wanted thoughts, words of wisdom from any who have experience with Crypto.

Thank you so much!!
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