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Curious on what you all this a good idea?

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My bf's friend has lived with us for the past year or so.  He's decided that it's time to move out and get his own place.  He's moving out the first week of March and has also purchased a puppy which will be 8 weeks the last weekend in February.  It's a female half pitbull/half bulldog.  The breeder agreed to keep the puppy until he was settled in, but my bf suggested having the puppy at our house for the weekend before he moves because he wants to see how Lola is with her.  We talk a lot about getting another boxer in a year or so, because I'd like a male and we think Lola would love a buddy to hang out bf thinks it would be a good way to see how Lola would react to a puppy being in the house.  I'm not too sure about this.  Lola loves my bf's friend, I remember one night he came home and went right in his room, she sat at his door and cried because he didn't stop to play with her like he always does when he comes is she going to be jealous and act out?  I'm also concerned because it's not our puppy to discipline and I don't want to be yelling at Lola all weekend.  Was wondering what you guys/girls think!  Thanks!
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IMO - its a good free indicator of a bahavior which you can monitor and see what adjustments you need to work on in the year or so until you get another.  

And nope its not your dog to dicipline, but I am sure your bf friend will not mind general dicipline of the typical 8 week old puppy dos and donts, and its only a short time.  

I say def go for it, esp if you both will be home to monitor and correct any behaviors.
Kash can come stay over anytime!!! Hanna too!  We'll have to have some play dates at my house......we're getting a fence put up as I type!  I'm sooooo overly excited :D   MASS Boxer Playdates this summer!  

I agree, I told him as long as we will all be there all weekend then it may be something we could consider doing....but we ALL or at least the two of them must be home all weekend.  I can just see the two of them taking off and leaving me with Lola and the puppy!  Which would be fine as long as they're getting along :wink:
I know I am awaiting spring / summer for mine to go up!!    

I know when Kash came home I was nervous, and flew the breeder in with him to stay for the long weekend.  Just to help me out because I know Jared would not  be the best of help!   He stresses at situations like that.   It went well just takes some time.  After a couple of days they were fine.  However if you are showing stress, dogs totally pick up on it!!
I would keep him and let them play.  

Alicia, what part of MA are you from?
I agree I say to use this chance to see how Lola would act and you get that chance without "getting" another dog/puppy.....I say go for it!
I agree as well; give it a shot and see how it goes.  I want another Boxer so I would probably do this to see how Allie would react to a puppy in the house.
[quote="Bubbaboy\";p=\"79131":36mv64a3]I would keep him and let them play.
Ditto what everyone else said! Give it a shot and see how things go
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