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cut on nose

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Hey just a minor issue, was wondering if anyone had any tips.  Oggie cut himself on something sharp, right on his nose just above his nostril.  Definitely a sensitive area.  I don't think it bothers him in the slightest but every time it scabs up and starts to heal, he bumps it and it's red and a fresh cut.  I tried cleaning it with hydrogen peroxide which hopefully keeps infection away.  But if I put anything on it like neosporin or aloe, he just tries to lick it off.  Is there anything I can do to speed it up and keep him from re-injuring it?  I'm hoping it will just finally heal
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It's tough with dogs, always a lickin what you put on.  I would probably keep doin what you're doin and maybe try to put a dab of neosporin on it 3 x's day to help speed it up.  I don't think that a small quantity would hurt.  maybe put it on right before you feed him or give him a really good bone to chew so he forgets about it.

Ditto what nano said, and I would also try putting a dab of neosporin on when he is sound asleep!  :wink:  Hope it heals quick!
I think he needs a dab of Neosporin and a steak.
They have neosporin + pain relief and it works really well to kill any pain.  I am not sure if liquid bandage would work or not; it is supposed to be water proof too.
I used liquid bandaid on Fiona's nose before where she rubbed a raw spot on her kennel. It worked but it has to have a little time to dry before he licks it!
Luther had the same issue a few months back and we used liquid bandaid.  Works pretty good.
we always use the liquid band-aid....... on noses and paw pads... it seals everything up nicely. we have 2 cats, so we have plenty of nose boo-boo's!
Lucy is always cutting herself on something....she is such a tom boy. Neosporin is my choice. I usually wait until feed or bed time and dab some on it.
I agree with eveyone at bedtime, thats when I treat Newts scratches and whatnot, during the day try to let it dry...Best of luck with that!
HannaBanana\";p=\"77116 said:
I think he needs a dab of Neosporin and a steak.
Yup. I think that's the ticket :)
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