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Daddy I boinked my head :(

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Well, this past weekend as I was painting the house, someone decided they would attempt to jump on my bed.  Well, Dixen prevailed and accomplished her mission at hand and sat victorious on top her new castle.  What now though? It wasn't fun anymore cause daddy is out in the living room painting the walls so let's join him.  Joined me she did.  Had I noticed she was going to attempt her stunt of a death defying jump I would of quickly swept her off the bed and sat her on the floor but with out hesitation she dove off the bed SMASHING her head into my dresser.  

This morning I took her to the vet and she received a plethora of "ooo's" and "ahh's" and "poor baby".  I wished I had snapped a few pics prior to her visit so everyone could see the before and after but I was more worried about her GOLF BALL size swell on top of her intelligence knot.  

Here are the after pics.

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ahhhhh poor baby hope she feels better soon
Awe, poor baby girl, that looks like it really hurts!!!  Hope she gets to feeling better really soon.  Are boxer's just accident prone or what?????
Awww hope she gets well soon. (the vet could have at lease given her pink lol jk  :lol: )
This is why Boxers have their (somewhat!) undeserved reputation for being stupid!  Whereas we all know that they just leap before they look...  :roll:
Poor puppy!  Hope she gets better soon!

How old is she?  She's cute! :wink:
Poor Dixen! I hope she is feeling better real soon.
Awww, poor Dixen.  Hope she's feeling better soon.  No more stunting for her!
Poor baby, hope she feels better soon.
[quote="Honeyec\";p=\"40728":1b4cutak]This is why Boxers have their (somewhat!) undeserved reputation for being stupid!
Well, we woke up this morning and her head was swollen again.  I took her back into the vet and had them x-ray her to make sure she did fracture her noggin.  Suprisingly they x-rayed her for free and all of the vets at the office concluded that that best thing for her was to just heal and take the inflamation med's they prescribbed.  So they set her up with a pretty sweet satallite dish and she is absolutley misserable in it :(  Hey she really is dixen bell now HAHAH.
I hope she gets better soon!  Sadie is notorious for bonking her head off stuff all the time.  We're lucky that nothing has cut her, and she jets around right after like nothing happened.  I wonder what's goin on in her head!
Ahhh, that poor girl....Hoping her "Owie" heals real fast..Bless her heart...Like Eimear said, sometimes they do act like they have no brains, I think it's more they think they are invincible!! I have watched Buck plow thru a screen door, almost run into a telephone pole and several times bounce off bushes.... :) Give that sweetheart a hug and kiss for me and tell her to wear her crash helmet next time... :lol:
POOR BABY!!!! Super cute even with the bandages!! They are smart dogs but do CRAZY things sometimes! LOL Hope she heals fast!
[quote="Honeyec\";p=\"40728":3g3orlcm]This is why Boxers have their (somewhat!) undeserved reputation for being stupid!
Poor darlin! Ouch!  Mic and Indy are forever bumping their heads on something and I always wonder if they are ok...they just keep going like nothing happened! BUt, then, they've never hit hard enough to add any bumps to their skull! Kiss her better for us!
Poor sweet girl! Makes me think of the nursery rhyme "...little monkey's jumpin on the bed, one fell off and bumped his head" :lol:
Get well quick Dixen and No more jumpin off the bed!
damn, I thought mav was the only daredevil, good to know hes not alone. Hope Dixen is back to her madness soon.
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