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Daisy's Christmas pic!

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Daisy would like to wish all of her boxer forum friends a very merry Christmas!



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hahah, that's so cute!

Very Merry Christmas to you too Daisy!
Thats cute, I wish I could get Duke to do something like that.  He loves to take pictures but he hates it when I put stuff on him.
Daisy you look beautiful, Merry Christmas to you too.
Thank you daisy!

This was my card to my friends and family:

I love
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Daisy is just the cutest little elf! Merry Christmas Daisy!  :D
WOW sorry the pic was so big, photobucket didn't re-size for some reason????
Awww, Daisy makes a lovely elf Heather......And Donner is a great reindeer too  :) Altho he doesn't seem to think so
How sweet!! Both look very festive!! I love the pics!
Daisy and Donner are soooo cute, loved the card Angela.......Merry Christmas!!!!
AWWW Daisy is SUCH a pretty girl! She looks so cute in her Christmas getup! Donner really is one of Santas reindeer!!
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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