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Delila went to school.

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Delila went to group training class yesterday and she did great. She had two private training lessons in the home and her trainer thought she was ready for his obedience group because she did so well. He usually doesn't start them until 6 months in this particular class, Delila is 5 months old. Not to brag, but she does sit, down, down stay,( put her in a down and I walk away from her and go across the room) she goes from a down to a sit and a sit to a down, ( if she is in a down position and I say sit she immediately sits, and if I say down from a sit she goes down. At one point we said it over and over, she looked like a jack in the box going up and down). She also allowed me to walk across the room, while I had her in the sit position and stayed while I was petting and playing with the other dogs. ( She looked at me like, mommy please come play with me to ). She didn't move from the sit until I used the release word OK, then she came over to me and sat by my side. She was also pretty good walking on leash, we had to weave between the other dogs. She only tried to stop to see one dog and oddly enough it was a little white boxer named Winter. I work with Delila's training every day for about 10 minutes 2x a day. It doesn't take very long to work with them as
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YAY Delila!!  (*)  Happy to hear she is doing so well. And don't worry, the potty thing will happen!
Smart girl, Delila, you are doing so well.  You should take a video if you can, I would love to see her doing her commands.
What a smart girl -way to go Delila!!
yahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh whoop whoop go Delila !!!!
:clap: Well done Delila..Luann, that is awesome, she is really doing quite well in her training..Lol about the potty training  :) One day,  :emtidea: it will dawn on her
yay delilia! ditto about the video, i would love to see that!
Thanks everyone, maybe one day i will try to video her at class, but remember I just got the hang of the camera and computer. I will give it a try.
What a smart girl you are Delila  :lol: The light bulb will come on soon for her with potty training, I'm sure!!!
congrats you have such a smart girl! Potty training happens least i hope! lol
Hi Lulu,

What great news that Delila is doing so well. Her stay sounds like she really has that down...Very useful command.

I agree by training them it does make them good and tired. Mental exercise is great stimulation for them.  I use a clicker method and now Britney can do the sit, lay, sit lay, stay.  It took her about a week to finally know the difference between sit and lay down. The greatest is seeing it finally click for them like when they are laying and you say sit and they come back up... Agree they get board quick and before that happens I try to end with a good job Britney! So far just training at home but I have signed up for a class as well and just waiting for them to call.  Once they learn the classes are great because it teaches them to do with distractions and that is the key tester in how they are doing.
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