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Dental care..what do you do?

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Miss Nita is scheduled for a dental on March 5 and is probably going to lose a few teeth due to receeding gums that are so bad some roots are showing.  I am going to start brushing before then but I was wondering what everyone here does for their pup's teeth?  There seem to be so many dental products out there I wonder what are some of the better brands and if they even work?

I am definately going to get a CET brush and toothpaste but I have also seen water additives, chews and treats.  I am thinking about making a few meals a week raw meals for the raw meaty bones benefits of teeth cleaning.

The vet mentioned something about her receeding gums as having a genetic componant that caused it.  Has anyone heard of dental problems being genetic?  From the research I have been doing it seems like the recession is due to poor dental care and bone loss due to bacteria but I am no expert.

:?: So what do you do to take care of your dogs teeth? :?:
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I have started brushing Britney's teeth already just to get her in the habit.... Lot's of diff. products now for dogs. Instead of a brush I use this rubber thimble like brush that you put on your finger. I think it works well.

Sometimes when people feed wet foods they develop teeth problems as well.
We feed a raw diet. :)  I do have a few who've had epulides or hyperplasia (gum overgrowth), but thus far they're all ones who were kibble fed for the first year or more.

There is a newer product called the "Easy Brush" that I was considering for my old girl - it looks interesting and much more enjoyable all around for everyone. ;)
That looks very interesting - and yes much more enjoyable for everyone!
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