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Destructive behaviour

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Hi, first post here but Iv been lurking a good while.
im now on my third boxer and I adore the breed. However I’m having trouble with my puppy Chester he’s 19 months old and whenever we leave him In the house (never more than 3 hours) he gets destructive with mainly his beds and then the sofa. His little brother rocky doesn’t bother at all. Just recently it’s got worse to the point I’m having to go get a crate for him tomorrow, he’s eaten part of a door today while we were out for a hour.
They all get 3 walks a day, 2 short 15 min walks morning and lunch then a long walk in the evening of around 45 mins, and I have a large garden they stretch their legs in so he gets loads of exercise.
Surely he’s not teething at this age? Whenever we go out he gets a kong and he’s got loads of chew toys.
he’s also left with his brother rocky so he’s not lonely or bored. Any ideas? Desperate for help. Heres a pic of them together
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