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Oh geez...that's a shame.

Ares went over our back hill about 4 days ago to get his toy that rolled over it.  For about 2 minutes, I thought he was just digging through some weed looking for it because he didn't emerge.  I walked over to the hill, saw his toy in plain daylight, but not him.  I looked to my right and 4 houses down, he caught the corner of my eye running up the driveway.  I ran over, he saw me coming and dashed for the street...a cop was just driving up (cops never drive by my house), so I put up the hand "stop sign" so he wouldn't hit him lol...Ares ran back into the yards, and down 2 more houses.  The cop said "did you flag me down for something" I just said "no my dog got off his leash, I thought he was going to run infront of your car, sorry".  Then my neighbor with a husky called him over and he was between us and I just made him sit and grabbed him lol.

So anyway, we're all guilty of letting dogs of leashes and get away from time to time.  Heck, my brother's great dane got off twice, and when he would get off, he'd wonder a borough or two away...he showed up twice at home in the back of a cop car.  We never got a ticket or anything.


You need to tell the judge that if they fine you or your dogs then every singe time you see any dog running loose, you're going to call the police and you want the owner fined.  Because I know there are labs, and those other little furry dogs that run loose in everyone's neighborhoods.
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