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Diesel had an accident last night.

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no, not a potty accident..he fell off the bed. somewhere around 1-2am I was sound asleep, but woken up by extreme pain, then a really loud thud. I looked down, and saw Diesel staring at me from the floor. but what I didn't know, until this morning, is that he tried grabbing onto my leg to stop him from falling.. I've got this huuuge bloody scratch / bruise going from my knee, down my leg.
But one thing we now know for sure...he IS just like me.
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aww I hope the little guy is alright....and you of course...those scratches can hurt pretty bad!
So glad things weren't any worse. Hope your leg heals quickly!
Poor Diesel, does he seem allright this morning? Ouch about the scratches, those do hurt...
ouch... Patch falls off the bed but he is asleep until he hits the floor.. quite funny...
Binga has fallen off the bed before.  She was staring up at us like it was our fault   :roll:

Hope your leg feels better!
Thats so funny... Jessie fell off the couch the other day!  All of a sudden she just slid off!!!  LOL!  She just stared at me from the floor, like it was my fault!
That must have hurt, hope it heals quickly.  Kiah has fallen off the bed once too and I got that look like "why did you do that mom".
I hope Diesels recovers from that very traumatic fall!  :eek:  Hope your leg heals quick as well!
Awww, poor Diesel!  Hope he's okay today!  You too!!
Hope your leg heels quickly!  Our two will get between me and wife and push us out of bed!
Diesel is fine, didn't even phase him!  I think he's used to falling off the couches since he likes to lay upside down and chew on chyna's legs, so he normally slides off that way lol
I'm not sure if I pushed him off the bed or not. I dont think I did..but I guess I'll never know. lol
I've seen Xena do that numerous times with our old couch. She'd be sleeping in a strange position with her head hanging off and I'd see her sloooooowly sliding off and then THUMP!! She'd wake up on the impact and just look around like "what the heck just happened?!" climb back on, and go back to sleep. Its actually hilarious to watch...but thank god neither of u was seriously injured. even when those nails are clipped they still HURT!!
8O boy those scratches can be aweful..Isis gets me in the water when we are surfing...

she falls off the bed about once a week...kinda funny...

hope your leg feels better  :D
Oggie's usually the one who pushes me off the bed...
Glad he is okay!  Hope your leg heals quickly!   :D
yup...Bo and Jetta are the bed pushers...I get 1/4 of the bed if I'm lucky...they get 3/4
hope your leg is feeling better!! silly diesel! :D
Aww glad he's okay, and you too! Sound's painful.
silly diesel... I kinda wanna see the damage done to your leg... we prolly could have a post just of injuries done by our babies lol
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