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Diesel's sister is here!

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Hi Everyone!

This is Betty Bacon!
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Yay!! Diesel is gonna be so happy to meet up with her again!
oh, and welcome! lol
Welcome to you and Miss Betty Bacon!!  :D  She sure is cute!
She is so cute.  Welcome.
Hello and welcome to the forum!!!  She is so cute!!!
WELCOME and she is adorable!!
Hiya and Welcome... loved the pics  :D  what a sweetie you have!!
Welcome and the pictures are just great.  Where did you find that bird toy, I've just got to have one of those.
here is a photo of the triumphant meeting of brother & sister:

Can you tell which one is Betty and which one is Diesel?  I swear they are TWINS!
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Is this not the cutest picture ever ... 3768361154
I would say that Betty is on the right.  They really do look a lot alike.  The one on the left looks like it has a bit more white on the nose then the other.
it appears that one of 'em (the one on the left) is just a wee bit darker a brindle then the one on the right. cute pic
diesel on the left.  betty on the right.  yes, diesel is darker than betty - and he was just a smidge bigger too.  otherwise they are TWINSIES. they met at a boxer event and the second my boyfriend saw him he knew it was betty's brother!  i can't wait for another playdate :)
I think Betty looks like Jessie
lol yeah we saw each other by recognizing the dogs. It was so great for them to play, they sure enjoyed it. And Mr. Diesel slept from 6pm til morning! lol
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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