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Dilemna in potty training

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So let me give you an idea'r of the situation. Yes I live in a condo. I have a green belt right off the flight of 30 stairs. You enter the condo and there are 15 additional stairs (penthouse floorplan). The book says if you have a yard (iam considering the greenbelt the "YARD") train your pup to go in her potty place in the yard. If you live in an apartment type setting to train them to use their puppy toilet till they are old enough to go out. Approx 3 months. This is where the dilemna comes in. Do I try and run the Vega down the 45 or so stairs and get her to the potty place outside? Or, do I train her to use her potty place inside ( a sod roll or a puppy pad with grass and soil rubbed in for smell. And then take her out when she reaches the appropriate age? My other concern is that there are other dogs and I was told not to take her out where there will be other dogs till she gets her first boosters. Does this hold validity? Or is that only for Dog parks and such? Rasing a pup in a condois a new thing for me so just want to get some feedback. I am also concerned that yeah she may not poop or whiz on me while I am holding her and making a break for it as she will not be in a still state, but there is a possibility that she may not even care and let loose out the caboose.
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Re: Dliemna in potty training

I'm probably not going to be much help, but I would most likely try the "wee-wee pad" first until she can hold herself a little longer and gets all her shots.  I'm not really sure if that's the best thing to do though.  I've never been in that situation...I've never lived in a townhouse, condo, or apartment.  I've always had a backyard.
Re: Dliemna in potty training

There is the portable potty thing.. Its like a litter box but its grass and dirt... These might be options ... -potty.htm
Re: Dliemna in potty training

If you train Vega to use a puppy pad till she three months old and then change what is expected of her and train her to go outside, you're running the risk of confusing her.  Pick her up and YOU run her to her outside potty place.  Pups don't like to use the bathroom when being held, especially in mid air, so it reduces the risk of an accident.

As for the shots...this does hold water.  I don't allow pups in my training class until they have had the appropriate number of shots and are cleared by a vet.  I also require witten proof from the vet (goes into the pups file).  The reason for this is PARVO and BODETELLA!!!  As we all know, parvo is pretty nasty and has a tendency to be fatal in young puppies.  Bordetella is passed through the air and is VERY contagious!!!!  When you expose a new pup to new dogs without the proper vaccinations, you are putting your new pups health in jeopardy!!!  You know that your new pup is healthy, but you don't know anything about the other dogs that your pup may come into contact with.  Better to er on the side of safety and health than risk it and your pup.

Liz and Lilly
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Re: Dliemna in potty training

[quote="lillyzmomma\";p=\"13929":2h0plmz1]If you train Vega to use a puppy pad till she three months old and then change what is expected of her and train her to go outside, you're running the risk of confusing her.
Well, I do agree with lillyzmom that you should wait to have your puppy around dogs/area of dogs that you do not know the history until vaccinated.  Even a puppy with just one shot can still catch Parvo.

I do think and have seen the poop/piddle pad things work for people in the house for now and then moved outside later.  My sister and mom did this, they both have smaller dogs....But, when they got ready to transition to the outside, they laid the pad out on the grass and took the pups out to it and later could remove the pad.....They were having to go out more often with them and if there was an accident inside they would clean it up and take it out and put it on the pad outside for the pups to sniff.

My thing will always be better safe with health then sorry and pee/poop can be cleaned up....
Yes, and that is what I thought. But it threw me for a loop at her reply because intially she said for me to run Vega out there. Well I am really considering getting one of those mats Flutterby linked. Or making my own since those ar quite expensive. They also have sliding glass doggie doors and I can train her to use the grass or sod (whatever I go with) on the balcony. then she will at least be able to relate the grass and outside with pooty. BUT those doggie doors are not cheap either.  the other alternative, I read, was to use the puppy pads like Sharon suggested and actually rub grass and soil in them for the smell.

I was aware that there were other dogs, however, I was unaware that ALL of these other dogs were using the SAME COMMON AREA to relieve themselves!!  DO NOT let Vega use the toilet out there until she is up to date on all her shots and cleared by a vet to do so...  I don't mean to sound snotty, but, as sharonL stated...It is better safe than sorry!!

Sorry for any confusion.  I won't post in your threads again to avoid this situation in the future.

Liz and Lilly
Noo Liz! I was jsut trying to get some clarification :D There is absolutely no need to defend yourself. If I did not make myself clear then I apologize but I just wanted to make sure I was doing the right thing. If you are upset then I am sorry you feel that you needed to defend yourself. that is one thing about forums is you can not put tone into your typing. I appreciate ALL advice, even if it is something I don't want to hear or Vice versa. Adn the fact the people can post their poinions in htis particular forum without getting mad makes it a great community. Actuallyone of the bes forum communtities I have ever been apart of. SO PLEEEEASE don't feel that way.
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