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Do you know Turid Rugaas?

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This is her side:
I read some of her books and I learnt a lot about animal communication and dog training.
I think she is a very special woman!

And next year she is in Germany and I visit her course.
I got one of the very rare tickets!   8)
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Never heard of her, but will definately check out her website.
I don't know her personally ;) but I've learned a lot from her books, too.
Tomorrow and on sunday I meet Turid Rugaars!
The seminar she holds in Germany is titled  "The Language of the dogs"

I hope that I learned enough "dog-vocabularys" the last months in this
forum to follow the things Turid says ...
Gabriele that sounds like it will be really interesting, hope you enjoy it and let us know some if the things you learn.
It was a great experience to meet Turid! I was sitting in the first row, only 3 or 4 metres away from her ...

The first part of "The language of dogs" I have taken down in English - here it is:

Turid Rugaars said:
Sounds like it was a wonderful program and interesting.
Yes, it was great!
It took me one week to collect my notes I wrote during the seminar (28 pages in handwriting ...  8O )  
I would write some parts down here but it is all in German ... perhaps later!

Turid told a lot interestin things about:
1.) Stress
Why dogs have stress?
How you can recognise that your dog is stressed?
What are the causes for dogs beeing stressed?
What happens in a body when it has stress?
How to train a puppy or a dog that it will have not so much stress in its life?

2.) The language of Dogs
What are the calming signals?
How to use the calming signals?
The meanings of barking, growling, baying

Turid showed us her new DVD "What do I do ...
when my dog pulls?" and I like it more than the book, because it is easier to
understand if you watch a DVD than to read a book (and the DVD is funny
...lwatching other peoples mistakes is funny ..).

And in the last week I read Turids book (I bought it so she could autograph it)
"Barking: The Sound of a Language (Dogwise Training Manual)"
It is not only about barking ... Some things she mentioned in her
seminar are written in this book to - about stress, and barking and
what to do ... And to  the book belongs a CD with the different sounds of
Barking ...

Now I know Gero shows 3 kinds of different barking and most of them
are nice (not to worry about..).

Some of these informations are new  for me and now I have to use
this in real life ... :wink:
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Sounds like you had fun and learned alot too  :lol: I'll be putting her name on my book shopping wish list. Thanks for the tip :D
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