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Do you let your dog sleep in your bed?

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I know a lot of you allow this but i personally don't - in fact all the bedrooms in my home are off limits completely. For me it's also a hygeine thing - all those dog hairs and drool and farting! (Voltaire's farting - in case you were wondering :wink: ) He has his own very comfortable bed and it's always been in the same place since we've had him.
Isn't it also a hierarchy thing that you should respect so your dog knows his place???
I was just reading the post about "peeing in the bed" and it's convinced me i was right to stick to this rule however much i love my dog 8O !
What are your opinions on this?
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We don't "let" ours, but as Baxter thinks he rules the place, even when we kick him off the bed and back to his own...he just waits until we fall asleep and then we wake up with little white dog at the bottom of the bed......He's just so darn cute! We keep saying we are going to kick them out the room completely but I doubt that will really happen :D!
Hubby is gone Mon-Thursday nights, so yeah Maddie is in the bed. When hubby is home she sleeps in her bed right next to ours. She is a bed hog though. It amazes me that on a king size bed, I usually only have about a foot wide of bed to sleep on. The real pisser is that I allow that!  8O  No....really....I'm not a pushover!  :lol:
As a rule, ours sleep downstairs in their own bed, but if Emmet is on overnight duty, I let them sleep up with me as I just feel safer.  I also know for a fact that when my sister minds them, they sleep in bed with her every night!
Lol, it's more a question do the dogs allow us to sleep on the bed? It was just me & Samson for a long time, so he was very used to being on the bed, but I did relegate him to his own bed at first when Marq & I got together....After awhile, we started letting him back up on the bed...Samson is a huge bed hog, he stretches out soo much, that we constantly had to kick him to get him to make room for us....So now we have 2 and it's no better...Angel is a snuggle bunny and curls up in a ball right behind Marq's legs, Samson takes over whatever space is left.....We have been talking about if we should just not allow them to sleep with us at all, but neither one of us can seem to follow thru fo rmore than one nite at a time......

Yes, I do go thru more comforters, cos they are a bit hard on them and yes I wash then more as well, but I actually do like them sleeping with me, so it's a trade off
We're going through this decision right now.  When we first got Cooper, we was of course, not allowed on the bed due to the bleeding.  Actually, my wife broke her own rule first.  She had a towel out on the bed and was curled up with him even though he stank to high heaven still.  Tried that a couple times, but he was really restless and snored really loud so he was back on the floor next to the bed for a while.  Then I broke the rule and let him back in bed and he's been a good sleeper until recently.  Doesn't really snore since he's not on benadryl anymore.  Actually, he's almost too good of a sleeper.  The house could be on fire and I don't think he'd wake up.  Actually, I think HE could be on fire and not wake up.  He stretches out and kicks and won't move at all when he's in the way.  I'll have to get up sometimes in the middle of the night and grab him out of bed.  He usually doesn't wake up until his paws hit the floor.  Anyway, we are probably going to have to move him back to the floor for a while.
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My husband works alot of nights but even when he doesn't they are in our bed.  Mo sleeps with me EVERY night and Niko does when he feels like it.  I usually wake up to Mo's head laying on some part of my body.  We have a king size bed and I always say that we need another king to put next to the one we have so us the kids and the dogs can all sleep together.  :lol:  :roll:
Kiah sleeps with me and I always have allowed it but she is only allowed up when I invite her; that way she knows it is my bed and it is a privilege for her to come up.  Like Willow, I just wash more often.  I put her blanket on the bed and that is where she sleeps.
Molly and Summer DOMINATE the bed to the point where I literally have to sleep in the spare  bedroom sometimes but HE (my boyfriend) allows it and kinda snubs me off when I say something about it... Meh I would rather sleep in the spare room with a bed all to myself anyways!  :lol:
Mine start off the night sleeping in their crates... which they go into willingly and seem to enjoy ---- I wake up a few hours later (depending on what time I put them in their crates) to let them out to go potty (their only 3 mo).  After the potty break I let them come upstairs and have "snuggle time" until the morning.  

I totally agree though... WHAT BED HOGS!!!! And what is up with them having to have some part of their body touching you?  I usually sleep on my stomach and woke up the other day w/ Damien practically on top of me with his face snuggled on my neck snoring in my ear! He is such a lover boy!

Obviously since I posted the "peeing in bed" post, I am guilty!
sometimes.  She used to sleep with us all the time, but she moves around too much and wakes us up... Shaun has to get up at 4:30am so he needs to sleep
My boyfriend doesn't allow Fredo on the bed at all b/c of the shedding and he has really bad allergies but if it was up to me he's be cuddling right next to me all night. I feel bad b/c he tries to get on the bed so bad...he's very sneaky. Oh yeah, and that farting almost made me cry yesterday it was so bad.
Maverick sleeps in his crate which is closed and locked because he isnt fully potty trained yet. I dont think he will be allowed to sleep in our bed when he is fully trained id prefer he sleeps in his crate but his crate is in our bedroom lol. So he isnt too far away ever. I just have to clean the crates and my room more often. If im reading in bed or something before i go to sleep ill invite him to lay on our bed to snuggle until im ready to turn the lights out then its back in the crate for him.
Our two rarely get to sleep in the bed overnight.  Occasionally, they will get to take a nap on the bed and they do get to cuddle in the mornings.
Yes, we are allowed to sleep in our king size bed with the dogs. :lol: We try to keep Milo off the bed, but every morning we wake up with little to no leg room and Milo taking up the entire bottom part of the bed. We don't mind Kaci being in the bed, she's small enough and she sleeps in a ball unlike Milo who stretches out. I'm about ready to make them both start sleeping in their kennels though because I've had enough of being woken up at 4 and 5am with them playing, then we have to get up around 6-6:30am.
Our dogs have always slept with us on the bed. When we got Diesel my husband didn't want him on the bed or couches, but since what I say goes...(lol) of course they sleep on the bed!

Although I was about to make a new thread today about how to get my two to stop wresting at bed time. Every time I say 'Lets go to bed' they jump up and start playing. which shakes the bed so bad I got car sick one time. lol
Well I didnt allow Duke to sleep in my bed at first he has just started sleeping in our bed on the nights that husband works. He turns 1 on Jan. 22  I have him crate trained but he also has a bed in the living room and in our bed room next to our bed where he sleeps when my husband is home.  But I just feel safer at night when he sleeps in my room.  But Duke knows that he has to wait untill I am in bed and comfortable and then he is allowed to jump up and lay at the foot of the bed.  And i have been making a lot more trips to the dry cleaners to get our comforter cleaned but he is worth it.
We do not allow Tyson in your room, let alone our bed.  That is my space!  Tyson is crate trained, so he has his own bed that he sleeps in.  Never had a problem.
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