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Do you think they know ....

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How Good They Have it???

From reading everyone's post on dog responsibility and dogs issues I wonder if they know how good they have it?  I remember growing up and having dogs, however we never took into consideration a consistancy of a poop, or the ingredients of the food, if it was made for dogs, then it must be good for dogs?   right???  Wow, how times were so different.  

Now I finished up my last private lesson of my 4 pack last night (agility) and then finding out what class we are going to go into the end of Feb.   It was stated that another 4 pack lesson should be done, then go into a class setting.   So that's another 400.00 for Hanna.

Then Kash starts rally, $80.00 per month, Hanna agility Fri practices $80.00, day care two days a week, dog walker three days a week, food,  treats for all the training.

I share my queen bed with two dogs and a husband, and the dogs know not to bother the husband, but lay on top of my legs.  Cannot remember the last time I slept a full 8 hours nor past 8am any morning, and I wake up to a pile of the runs in my diningroom this am.....


I love them, cannot imgaine life without them, but wonder if they do really down deep inside appreciate everything we do for them???  ha ha   If the runs in the diningroom on my light carpet were any indication, then I feel loved:)
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I think about that all the time.  Oggie some nights will just constantly whimper and whine, he's basically telling me he's bored and wants to play.  I'm on the couch hiding under a blanket totally exhausted. It's never enough!  

Then all it takes is one episode of Animal Precinct and I have to go spoil the heck out of him all over again.

I spoil my dog to make up for all the idiots who chain theirs to a tree.
[quote="sully\";p=\"77273":3l8c58n6]I think about that all the time.
LMAO! How true, how true!  :lol:
I guess that is one thing about rescues, most of them know the bad side of what humans can do and others just can't understand why they aren't with their families anymore.  So perhaps they understand a bit on how well they have it in their new forever homes.

I know it over a year for my sisters Springer Spaniel to feel like he was home and not going to someone else.  I believe I was lucky with Kiah all she has ever known was love but I am sure that she wondered why she was not at home (there was a death in the family) and went to another home, was picked up by the foster family and then several weeks later came home to me. Seeing those dogs on animal precinct  breaks my heart too.
JessiesMom\";p=\"77282 said:
Animal Precinct is my favorite show... Me and JEssie watch it together all the time...
It's a love/hate relationship with me.  It's like a car crash......I want to watch, but I'm horrified by what I just saw.
I could never watch it.  I cry at the Purina commercial with the "Angel" song by Sara McLaughlin (sp?) where they show all the shelter dogs - thats the worst.
Yeah, it's like you get excited because they finally get a boxer.....but he's been starved to near death, and then the shelter kills him because he growls when they try to take away his food.   I almost kicked my television after that one, instead I just gave my dog a big hug.    :cry:
Oh...that episode pissed me off royaly! I was about to go through my screen at that evaluator! That poor boxer was starved, literally nothing but skin and bones. Of course he's going to have a bit of food aggression when he gets his mouth on food!
Oh....don't get me started!  :aua:
My dog knows how good he's got it... Every time we go to my parents house and he can't get up on the furniture, or lick people's faces, I think he finds a new appreciation for the lovin that he gets at home!

However, I don't think he appreciates the fact that I refuse to sleep when he's sick, lol.
I agree with Barb about the rescues I truly believe that they really appreciate what they get in their new forever home..I saw it when we brought home Tia, who was abused and then with Samson who was neglected...Every little thing I would do for them, I could almot see in their eyes how grateful they were....And to watch them blossom is such a joy

Do they know how good they have it? Oh absolutely!!! We grumble about how much space they take up in the bed, or when Angel gets soo needy and won't leave us alone, but I would not change a thing, my life wouldn't be whole with out them :)
I don't think Tyson knows how good he really has it.  He has always been so spoiled.  

And I can't watch those animal shows.  It breaks my heart.  And that commercial that Heather is talking about makes me tear up.
Jetta and Bo are the epitome of spoiled...and Jetta I think doesn't really know it...she was raised in our home from 6 weeks and given love and attention and everything she needs or wants...Bo I think does know it...he was ignored and neglected for 7 months...sometimes I can see this look of contentment in his eyes...and the way he sighs just seems to tell me that he is happy and content...and his attitude is just different from hers.
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