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does not sleep through the night

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hello every one, i have a 5 month old that just does not sleep through the night. we put her in a crate beside the bed and every night at about 1am she is up. i let her out and she does her stuff. then she wont go back in her crate, just whines. i have been letting her stay out of the crate and about every 3 hours she is waking us up same thing if she is in the crate. i am about to go nuts if this does not stop. i forgot to mention that she will do her stuff on the floor if she is out of her crate. during the day she is good and lets us know when she needs to go out. please help me.
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I wish I could help, but we have never had a problem with Ty being in his crate.  I guess we just lucked out.  He will go in his crate when we say "time for bed" and doesn't make a peep til we take him out in the morning.

Maybe you can move the crate outside of your bedroom...I hope someone else has some ideas....Just hang in there.
I have no great ideas....wait it out? Baxter was horrible, it took him probably 6 months to sleep all night. He would always need to go out at two or three in the morning and then be good until 6 or seven, when I got up to get ready for work! Eventually, I think we all just got use to it! If there is a way to fix, that I didn't try, I am curious to know :D
Have you tried or do you play pretty hard with her before bed time?  Also you did not say what time she is going into the crate at night...I know that Fiona did not sleep through the night until she was about 5 months old, she was still needing to go out to go to the bathroom somewhere between 3 and 5 a.m., so we started playing real hard with her before bed time and waiting to put her in her crate a little later at night, making her last outside break about 10:-10:30....She started sleeping and then became use to our schedule which is getting up by no later then 6, so now on the weekends she has to go/ or gets up by 6.....

At about 7 months we started leaving her out of the crate at night without accidents so it may take just a little more time.  They all "get it" at a different pace. Even now though if I have to put Fiona in the kennel at night and then she gets up about 6 and does her business, she does not want to go back in the kennel and if I put her in there she will whine, they are just awake and ready to play after going to the potty and dont understand why they need to/have to go back to crate/sleep.....
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Luther did the same think for the most part.   What we did was take him out and put him right back in the crate.  He did cry and whine, but we just ingored him and he eventually stopped.  I did put a night light next to his crate... I think that helped a little.

If you keep taking him out all the time, he is going to expect it when he cries..
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