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1.   Sleep upside down with her upper lips hanging over her eyes - she sleeps upside down

2.   Sleep with tougue hanging out to the point it dries out like a piece of beef jerky - no

3.   Loves playing with ANY kind of ball - yes and any toy

4.   Loves swimming - she loves going in the water never have seen her swim

7.   Has to sleep on the foot of our bed exceptions -  she sleeps on the bed but cuddles next to me

8.   loves kids and other animals - oh yes, especially kids

9.   Worships Peanut butter - yup, you should see her head pop up when I say peanut butter :lol:

10.  has to go with us in our vehicle where ever we go - loves to go for rides

11.  rests chin on our leg while we are eating supper,  begging for somthing - sometimes but usually sits back a couple of feet from me

12.  loves baths - tolerates them

13.  loves playing tug - yes with other dogs


14.  she loves to bean in the morning when we get up, when I come home for lunch, at night, if she is excited.  

15. WOO WOO's with a toy in her mouth
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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