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1.   Sleep upside down with her upper lips hanging over her eyes Yes

2.   Sleep with tougue hanging out to the point it dries out like a piece of beef jerky No

3.   Loves playing with ANY kind of ball Yes

4.   Loves swimming No,Nope and I believe that would be a negative

5.   Rides on the 4 wheeler We don't have one so I have no idea

6.   Rides on the Sea Doo Ditto number 5

7.   Has to sleep on the foot of our bed exceptions YES! We have tried everything up to an including giving her one of our nice fluffy expensive blankets folded up next to our bed and she turned her nose up to it.

8.   loves kids and other animals Yes kids but she wants to "play" with the cat.. to which extent im not sure yet but rest assured my cat has all four sets of her claws

9.   Worships Peanut butter Almost, we just introduced her to it

10.  has to go with us in our vehicle where ever we go Yes, to the point where if I tell her we are going bye bye she wont even let me take her potty before she runs full speed to the jeep

11.  rests chin on our leg while we are eating supper,  begging for somthing No, daddy pretty much has her broke of begging... Which is a good thing

12.  loves baths Uhm its a love hate thing. Loves it when daddy does it but not so much for me

13.  loves playing tug Not really
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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