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Dog in Heat

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Hey im new here, just had a question about my little girl.

Yesterday was her first day of bleeding, and also her first time being in heat. She is almost 8 months old. My Neighbors dog jumped the fence and got ahold of her. Im not sure how long he was back there and when i noticed it he wasnt doing anything but chasing her around. Is She fertile this soon, is there anyway to know if she got preg?

Also she is AKC registered, and he is a German Shepard, I was wanting to breed her in a couple years with a male Boxer, If she is preg, does she lose her purebreed regestry on future litters?
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I know there is only a short period of time that they will allow mating but i'd take her to the vet and maybe get him to give her an injection just incase. :-??

The boys will do whatever needed to get to your dog if she is on heat so best keep a watchful eye on those naughty boys in the neighbourhood. :axe:

Never had girls exept when i was younger as a family dog so others might be able to help you a bit more then that :bshelp:
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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