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Hubby and I are entering the kiddies in Ryley's Run. I'm trying to submit the order for the vests they have to wear but the sizing has me confused.  I just measured Brodi's chest and it's 25 inches and 17 inches in length (I think! he wouldn't stand still all that long) and the walk isn't until June 7th so I know he will grow a bit more by then but unsure how much. Here are the sizes I got to pick from. Which one should I go with??  and both Chloe and Brodi will be sporting on their vests!! wooooohooo!
MEDIUM VEST (Length: 15")
*(Chest circumference: 27") Chest size seems perfect but length is too short

LARGE VEST (Length: 19")
*(Chest circumference: 31-1/2") length is about right but the chest size seems huge

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Shari.. first off... i love your new screen name!! :D and i would go with a a large vest for Chloe and a med for Brodi..this is based on the back pack i got for sumya yesterday..(we have a charity walk saturday).. it goes on and fits very much like a vest.. or i would even suggest trying on something similar at pet smart and see how something like that would fit..
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