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Don't know who else might have this...

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But, we found a VERY cool dog toy yesterday...I didn't see it listed in the toy, I thought I'd mention is a SNAKE...he's brown with kind of leapord spots on his head and tail and IN his head and tail there are squeekers...the head and tail have VERY strong velcro enclosures and inside of those are squeekers wrapped in their own individual fur pouches with velcro enclosure(so if/when they get the squeeker out, they still have another pouch to fight before actually getting to the plastic squeeker...which gives us a chance to stop them from chewing/choking on that!(Very cool) AND it has a package of replacement squeekers that comes with it...just open your velcro pouch and insert a new squeeker when the old wears out and then reinsert THAT in the velcro enclosure in teh head or tail!  They are LOVING it...and it was ONLY $10.00(at Petsmart...and I found that amazing, cause all of the other toys were at least $15 and up!) We are gonna have to get another one!LOL!

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Pua and Mic seem to be enjoying it!  :lol:  Sounds interesting, I'm going to have to check them out!
very cool toy!! I'm a little anti-toy at the moment, just picked up about 100 of them :lol: Chances are though we'll be on the look out for a couple snakes in the near future, thanks for tip! :lol:
You know I was there last night(petsmart) and saw that toy.. we didn't get it but had it in our hands for a while(Rodimus has too many right now :>)   Looks like yours love it!!
The snake toy looks great fun! I bet Daisy would love one of those! I don't think I've seen one over here in the uk though.

Awhhh they seem to love it! I wanted to get it for Odin but honestly... it would last maybe 6 hrs... TOPS!! $10 in 6 hrs right now... lol not quite affordable! LOL
Hmmm, I wonder how long that would last with Angel?  :lol:
Isn't that a form of self torture, to replace the squeeky?
It looks like a lot of fun, however plush tug toys dont seem to last too long in this house!!!   They end up going to the island of destroyed toys!!!

Glad they are enjoying it!!!!
Beautiful babies!!!

great looking toy, I bet Bruce would love it....but I'm not sure I could handle replaceable squeakies....I agree, that is torture
Thanks for the tip!  Now that Henry can only have soft/rubbery toys, I'm shopping for toys! :D
That is really cool.  Teaki is our squeaky girl, she LOVES all squeaky toys and as soon as she gets them she runs around the house squeaking them constantly, we have to make her stop because she drives us nuts.  She usually has the squeaky out within minutes on cheap rubber toys but the stuffed usually take her awhile.  We found a stuffed flower dog toy that has five petals and a center, each one has a separate squeaky.....that kept her pretty busy for a long time trying to rip those out!  :D
awww look at Pua and Mic ..they are just too cute !!! they seem to love the snake hehe..we might have to find one too...sqeakers last about 10 minutes here..funny that Isis cant hear them but has learned that she can tear through and look for one haha..

dogs look wonderful Jeanene !!!!
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