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Dory Dog & Mac

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I have had the pleasure of rescuing two wonderful white boxers.

First I will start with Dory's story.

A little under a year ago we moved 800 miles from Cali to Oregon. For the first time in 3 years we had a place of our own. We have three wonderful kids and found out right before we moved that we were pregnant with our forth child. Well shortly after moving into our place we had a miscarriage. I was devastated. I retreated into myself and just seemed to have nothing to live for even though I had three other kids that depended on me. My family that we were living with had a wonderful five year old fawn boxer that they rescued. He felt like having a boxer around would help with my depression. So he turned to Craigslist. I told him that it was impossible that no one was going to let go off an amazing dog like a boxer. That day we found a listing for Dory. I emailed them and explained that I lived in an apartment but that we live close to the beach and would be willing to work with her on any issues that she might have. They said that we sounded perfect. They brought her to us. She was in perfect health and all of her health needs were always met but her social needs weren't. They told us that she was scared of the dark that she would tear the house up if we left her alone. I can tell you for the moment we brought her home that she has never not once tore anything up in the house that wasn't her own toy. She adores my kids. Protects them with everything in her. She is a social butterfly now not afraid of anything or anyone. Since having her she has passed her testing to become a therapy dog. She sits while children with special needs read to her. She once even laid down next to a girl while she had a seizure without losing her cool or flipping out. People say that she is so lucky to have me and all I think is that I am so lucky to have her. Without her don't even want to know where I would be. She helps me with my depression and other kids. How more amazing can a dog could we ask for.

Now for Mac's story.

I was cruising Craigslist. I tend to do that from time to time. I saw a posting for a free boxer. You hardly ever see an add for a pure breed boxer. Most of the time they are mixed with pit. Now I have nothing against pitbulls I love them just as much as I love boxers but my lease wouldn't allow anything mixed with pit in the townhouses. The add said that he was deaf and that they felt that he was to far gone and they were getting to the point that they just felt that it was in his best interst to put him down. Now I am 6 hours away from them. There was no way that I could get to her that day. I told her that I would be there in the morning. I drove 6 hours in the pouring rain and car slamming wind just to save this guy from being put down. When I got there and saw him he broke my heart. He is the same size as Dory height wise and she weighs 80lbs. They told me that he was just soooo active that they couldn't keep weight on him. They said that he weighed 54 lbs. There was no way in my mind. I can see every bone in his body. Not to mention that he reaked like something that came out a a trash can. He has cuts all over his back legs and it missing the tip of his left ear. I then settled him in for the long drive home. My hubby who isn't the biggest dog person held him like a baby in his lap the entire 6 hour drive home. He won't admit it but cried once because of the shape that he was in. I was utterly apauled. We got home and because I could no longer stand the smell I gave him a bath. The water pouring off of him was brown. He didn't mind the bath. I then saw that one of his nails was split in half. I touched it and he screamed out in pain. I called the after hours vet and said that I had to without a doubt be seen in the morning. I dried him off took him potty and brought him into my room to go to bed. I don't think that he was ever allowed in a house let alone in a bed. He snuggled right in and slept on and off the whole night. I thought that when i woke up this morning that he might of had an accident in the house. NOTHING. He didn't rip anything up. Just checked things out.. So this morning we went to the vet. Here is what we were told.
* That if we wouldn't ha took him that she would have gave him a week until he organs started shutting down because of the lack of food. He is 18 months old and weighs 42.3 lbs.
* That some of his deafness comes from an ear infection not ever being treated.
* He has worms.
* He has a Kidney infection.
* The bite wounds that he has on him look like the come from rats. You read that Right RATS!!!

Now he is on dewormer pills, an antibiotic for the kidneys, a ear cleaner and drops for his ears, Flea prevention, Cream for his bite wounds. And now has all of his shots up to date. Want to know the saddest thing. He is completely one of the smartest dogs I know. In the 12 hours today of going though hell at the vet and then home has learned and understand and 90% of the time will respond to 7 signs. They frankly just didn't care. How people can do this kind of thing to living breathing animals I will never never understand.
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Welcome first off!

Dory's story is very sweet, I loved hearing about her therapy work. And Mac's story is heartbreaking!!! How could someone ever do that to a dog? I will never understand. But it is so good to hear that you have him and are taking such good care of him already, his is a lucky little man! I'm sorry to hear about what you had to go through, and I am glad these pups are able to help you. I look forward to hearing more about them and seeing Mac progress. We LOVE pictures around here!!
Welcome to the forum!

Looking forward to pictures. :)
Welcome Hannah, Mac & Dory! Thank God you got them both....bless you. How about some pics? LOL
Hannah, welcome to you, Dory & Mac! Boxers are amazing aren't they? Can't wait to see pics of your babies. And many blessings to you for giving Dory and Mac a loving home!

Edit: just saw the pics. Beautiful babies :) !!!
Welcome to the forum! Dory sounds like such a sweetheart! Poor Mac..I will never understand why people treat animals like that. Glad he is in a great home now :)
Hannah, you are an angel!
I read Dory's story. with spend my time but this story is very helpfull for
who love with there dog and other animals,because the Dory's story give a
hearted morale for us and teach us to make care for our lovely dog and cats
who give us most pleasent invironment in our life...........
Followed your pic link and noticed you had been asking about training a deaf dog and wanted to share this link with you.

When our litter was born and we had 2 whites, I immediately began researching info on training deaf dogs just in case. Luckily it wasn't an issue for our two but the site has some great training tips just the same.

Beautiful rescue stories on both your babies. I swear, we need laws in our society that say you must have a license to own a dog and the licensing should be rigorous. Your boy sounds like he was just flat out neglected.
another old thread from 2011 :)
Oh doh! Geez, I need to learn to look at these things before I respond. The pet collector posted to it so it came up as a new topic on my iPad. Sigh.
Oh doh! Geez, I need to learn to look at these things before I respond. The pet collector posted to it so it came up as a new topic on my iPad. Sigh.
I did the same thing last week, only it was from 2008! LOL
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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