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Do's & Don't after surgery?

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Coco is 6 months old today and we took her in to the vet this morning for "the" surgery.   We had thought of breeding her but decided against it.   She will be staying at the vets overnight (will be a lonely evening without her).  My husband asked what time visiting hours were.........the staff at the vet clinic laughed, little did they know he was serious.  Any do's or dont's I should know before picking her up tomorrow morning?  

Thanks for all your input.

Coco's Mom


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You might tell them you do not want her to stay over night.  Ask if someone will be with her.  If not why leave her.
You will have to keep her very still for a couple of weeks.  No jumping or dashing around, only leash walks on a short leash.  The more you can restrict her activity during this time the less swelling she will have and the quicker recovery for the sutures.  I had my female spayed in October, poor little things!  She really thought she was just fine and dandy after I picked her up and I picked her up the day of the surgery!  Hardest thing was keeping her from the jumping and racing about. I kept her on a 6 foot leash in the house and just let her drag it around so I could keep and eye on her.  Good luck!

Thank you Nano, when you say walks on a short far can she go?  Also,  can she eat her regular diet?  or won't she feel like eating much when I get her home?  Normally she has a good appetite.

Also,  I got a call from the vet this afternoon, he said the surgery went great and that she was sleeping sound.  Whew,  I've been so worried all day.
i would keep her close to your side on her leash, dont let her just wander around or give her enough leash to where she can bounce and hop around. She may not want to eat for a few days or she maybe hungry. every dog is different :) if she isnt too hungry dont worry...also she MAY....and this is a big MAY be a little lethargic. most of the time they arent, but some dogs are after surgery. when i worked at the e-vets office, we didnt have restricted hours....anytime someone wanted to come see their pet they were allowed to see them. we were  a 24/7 clinic though.
Glad to hear she came thru it all wonderfully.  I know that feeling of your baby being at the vet's in surgery all too well.
Good advice from Andrea.  Keep her by your side is where she will need to be, that means only 3 feet of leash for a while outside.  Have fun holding on to your Rocket!

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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